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 Wes Craven, Or, oh no, there goes another
 Posted: Aug 31 2015, 11:54 AM

They/Them/Theirs (Genderqueer)

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Short and sweet with this post, as there's probably others out there with much more eloquent words.


Thank you, Mr Craven, for showing that you can trope overdose and cliche the heck out of a slasher genre film...and still have it be a pretty entertaining (and somewhat enlightening) view.

So, yeah, rest in peace and thank you for all the nightmares and 'wtf' dreams you've managed to give with all your works

(Especially the Scream series. Just. It's one of the few slashers I can stomach)

~ Pulling off Masks (complete) ~ Tea Time with the Traitor (on hiatus) ~ Mine Eyes Have Seen (active)

One day I'll actually finish up everything else, as well
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