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 My Problems As a New Member
 Posted: Nov 24 2014, 03:54 AM


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Hello, I'm Hunter O'Connell, and I'm the executive producer for The North Woods Project, Jeff Woods, and The Mayhem Theory respectively. I recently got this account, and I'm having big troubles ever since I got on, mainly focused around the Shoutbox. I tried using it to promote my series, and use it to update the forum when something in my series happens (say, a new video or a Tweet).

I tried that on my first account, Hunter_Omega. After attempting to post a message in the Shoutbox regarding my series, a message popped up that said I was not allowed to post in the Shoutbox. I wasn't sure why this occurred, so I asked my friend NoFourthWall via Skype what the issue was, in which he suggested I get a new account and try it then.

After registering a new account, and still no luck on posting anything in the Shoutbox, I'm considering either getting another account, or abandoning my chance to fit in and learn about this forum. If anyone can fix this problem, or give an explanation for why this is happening, such would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
 Posted: Nov 26 2014, 08:58 PM

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That's weird.

There aren't any Permission Masks that can't used the Shoutbox, aside from Banned, and you aren't banned. I overrode your Member permissions with the Member mask in case there was some sort of glitch where it wasn't recognizing your group's permissions. Try again and tell me if you can post there now.

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