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 Psyche Test, Just because my answers are funny
 Posted: Oct 17 2012, 03:25 PM

Professional ideas guy.

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3:We nod to each other.
6:Around the table are large armchairs and the table is piled high with foods of different variety's. It is laid for dinner.
7:Its a chalice made of white gold inlaid with brass symbols.
8:Put it in my pocket.
9: Ocean
10: Swim
I swear I didn't know what the questions meant when I started.

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 Posted: Oct 31 2012, 02:06 AM

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1. The Slender Man.
2. A groundhog.
3. We stare.
4. Enough.
5. Open.
6. Rat Meat from Fallout 3 (ew), butter knives, handkerchief-napkins.
7. Green plastic. (All of my day-to-day cups are green plastic,)
8. I pocket it for future usefulness.
9. A lake.
10. I'll go around.
 Posted: Sep 24 2014, 11:16 PM

Has a really nice vest.

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1. Unknown


3. i stare at it

4. big

5.both, about half and half

6. steak, cheese, potatoes, coffee, and there's some coke too.


8.Fill it with water and drink it.


10.Swim in it

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