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 The Caern of the Crescent Moon, All about the Caern itself
 Posted: Jul 13 2012, 11:44 PM

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The Caern of the Crescent Moon is an urban Caern located in Grand Rapids Michigan. The Heart of the Caern is located in a subbasement of the Crescent Moon investment company. The company, run by CEO Frederich Donaldson portrays itself as an investment company for those looking to make investments that are both socially and ecologically sound. In fact that's exactly what the Kinfolk who work there do as well as investing the Caerns own money keeping the Caern financially solvent.

In addition to the Heart of the Caern the buildings subbasements include an armory (largely firearms - including several highly illegal sub machine guns and assault rifles - and Kevlar vests, silver ammo is available but is locked up as are any fetishes and talens that are Caern property. Fetish weapons that are not Caern property are either carried by their owner or secured in their owners quarters.). Beneath the armory are living quarters and communal space for up to 50 Garou. If the Caern is under attack the Garou living in these quarters conveniently must pass through the armory to reach the Heart of the Caern, allowing them ample opportunity to arm themselves if they feel the situation calls for more than claw and fang.

Eye in the Sky Security provides security for the building, headed by Evan Williams it employs mostly Glasswalker and Fiana Kinfolk, and a few Bonegnawer Kin as well. The only werewolves in the company are Evan and his pack (mostly Glasswalkers with one Fiana member). They also provide security for the Bawn, the area surrounding the Caern out to about 1 mile. To date no human has spotted the cleverly concealed cameras Evan uses to keep an eye on the Caern's territory.

Most of the Bonegnawers (both Garou and Kinfolk) are stuck in shit jobs, janitorial, the mail room, various "errand boy" positions and the like. Some grumble that it's prejudice against their Tribe holding them back but most of the Fiana and Glasswalkers say that if they want to do better then they need to work harder and get a better education.

Important local Features:

The Van Andle Arena: While not technically owned by the Caern it is just inside their Bawn and they have been known to use their financial resources to reserve the arena for training sessions or important challenges. They have enough financial clout to ensure that when they have reserved the arena no humans will be on site, only Garou and Kinfolk.

Faolan's* Irish Pub: A pub owned by one of the local Fiana, rarely frequented by humans, and non-humans who aren't Garou visit at risk of life and limb. Often has a live Celtic band "Red Stag's Delight". Their lead singer and fiddle player is a Fiana Galliard and the rest are Fiana Kinfolk.

*PRONUNCIATION: ”fwail + awn”. Comes from faol, meaning wolf.

Enemies: There are no known Black Spiral Dancer hives in the area although the caern does occasionally have to contend with one or more who wanders through town. Ratfolk, Formori, and Banes provide more trouble locally as does the local Vampire population. The latter does usually stay off the Caerns territory though as they would prefer their unlife to be long. Simple human greed and corruption have been known to cause trouble as well.
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