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The Fear Mythos > The only things to fear... > New Fear: Fear of Sleep, the Insomniac

Posted by: Muhana Mar 21 2017, 12:37 AM
Just a little idea I had.

The Insomniac is the very personification of the Fear of Sleep. It's an entity that often appears as a sleep-deprived man who is always watching you out of the corner of your eye. Other forms are a visual hallucination of a sleeping boy, an auditory hallucination of a lullaby being sung in your ears, and a large tapir-like monster with a lamprey-like trunk.

At first, you'll just find it hard to sleep, and occasional nightmares. No biggie. Then, as time passes, the more you sleep, the more horrific your nightmares will be. You will find yourself unable to sleep, becoming more and more sleep-deprived as time goes on. Just like that damned man watching you, out of the corner of your eye. Always watching. Always waiting.

Soon, you will need sleeping pills to sleep at all. And sooner or later, even those will no longer work. You can no longer sleep, until he commands you to.

As you spend more and more time awake at night, you will notice his bags disappear, his skin grow tan and glowing with life. And his teeth.....dear God, his teeth will become jagged and red, wet with blood,. His eyes will turn a nightmarish black, eclipses and death held within. He will start moving from the corner of your eye to the very center of your line of sight, creeping closer and closer until he is all you see.

Then you will black out. That is how he knows you have ripened. He will eat your dreams, your independence, your very sense of self as you slumber. He will devour your self-esteem, slurp up your intelligence like spaghetti, until there is nothing to eat.

Then, he will make you one of his multitude of servants. One of his Oneiroi, his broken, beaten dream-watchers who choose the freshest souls to eat, the most worthy to torment into submission.

There is no escape. You can only pray that he leaves you alone, but even then, you are not safe. You can run, you can hide. But in the end, sleep will be but a luxury for you.

So long as there is sleep, so long as people slumber, the Insomniac will live.

It's Servants are the Oneiroi.

It's Domain is the Sandman's Meadow.

Other names: Bakū, Sandman, Morpheus, Night Terror, The Man Next To You, The Monster Under Your Bed, The Dream Eater

Posted by: Acelegin Apr 27 2017, 04:32 AM
Not a lot of people are going to see this idea of yours over here.We've got a new forum

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