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Home Page: http://wherewordsflow.weebly.com
Birthday: 1 September 1991
Location: Somewhere deep in Slenderman Country...
Interests: The pixels, they mock me... Owo

I'm a troper, artist, blogger, university student, LPer, author, poet, and biochemist. I dabble in painting, fabric crafts, and pixel art as well. I made the emotes, some of the button, and the navbar icons for the Slender Haven forums. I love dubstep, Batman, the Myst series, Phantom of the Opera, and surreal/Lovecraftian/psychological horror. And the Slenderman Mythos and Fear Mythos, of course.

I'm snarky, goofy, and love puns far more than is healthy for me. I'm the mother of the Weeping Willow. And I probably give Tall and Faceless too many nicknames for his/its own good. XD

I watch several Slendervlogs, favorite one is TribeTwelve. I have one myself called WalkingWithGiants87, watch it, won't you? Favorite Fears include The Intrusion (;-;), Plague Doctor, Wooden Girl, the Slenderman, and the Rake.

One more thing - if you really want to talk to me, Skype me before you poke at me on Twitter or Tumblr or wherever. I'm rarely on Twitter and starting to be on Tumblr less, but I'm always on Skype. :)
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You're not out of the woods yet... and you never truly will be.

My Youtube ~ My ArtGrounds ~ My FictionPress ~ My Slendervlog ~ My (Personal) Blog

In The Dark Shadows ~ Between the Party Lines ~ Open Season ~ Shelly Loves Succulents ~ Night Class (STCZ) ~ Breaking The Waves (STCZ) ~ Graham, Positive ~ Twelve Days

Short Stories:
Project Him, a Slenderman vignette collection. ~ The Sycamore Project, decrypted tales of the Tall One. ~ The City claims another within its Drywall and Wiring ~ Got a MachineHead, it's better than the rest.
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