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 The old Kingdom, A story driven RPG
 Posted: May 14 2014, 05:06 PM

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In ancient times in the Eastern kingdom of Zalyer a strange man appeared, he won fame and glory on the battlefield, so much in fact it became rumour he was immortal. For his victories he was given land and wealth and eventually gained the title of king, though he had a great fortress built upon a mountain the king spent much of his time in a small more humble abode in the forests below. It was in this castle one day that the King met with the many nobles of other kingdoms to discuss the fate of the realm when disaster struck. Through forces unknown the king, his servants, soldiers and all the visiting nobles were trapped within the castle, bound there by a mysterious force. The woods around the castle grew foul and dangerous and those who ventured in came back with tails of an ancient castle with no way in. That was until recently when an expedition reported that the castle had been seen open again. Several parties were sent out yet none have returned, and now for whatever reasons you have ventured to that cursed place. I wonder what you may find.

Hello and welcome to a story driven RPG type thing. Just a few things to note, though this is an RPG the combat and other stuff is driven mostly through the text so things like damage will be a summary/estimation rather than a number E.G (“Check how wounded I am” “You are not severely wounded however a cut on your arm is still bleeding”) stuff like that. As such the items you gain will more likely be towards helping you move about the castle and furthering the story rather than assisting in combat though some will most certainly help. As such I'm not really laying out specific classes and instead allowing you to tailor your equipment to your character. So then, just give me a brief summary of you and we can begin. (Just saying magic is totally fine, just don't be OP)

Summary template (This is optional. If you just want to give a short describing paragraph or something that would be fine)

There is 1 large gameplay mechanic that will require explanation but that will not be an issue until things have started rolling. Now then. On with the show!

You stand upon a drawbridge over a stagnant algae covered moat, behind you are the tall menacing tree's of the forest covered with dank moss and creepers, in front of you the ancient stone castle rises up above the treeline, the vast oak doors are shut however there is a postern you could enter through. And right now anything seems better than a trip back through those woods.

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Name: Jonathan Allan
Equipment: Longsword, hide armor, quiver, shortbow, food, bedroll
Personality: Jonathan Allan is easily frightened and hates conflict.
Backstory: A scribe for the King who was hunted down by a mysterious man

The cold awakens.
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