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 The Coming of Winter, Wanted: Silver-Bell ringers
 Posted: Nov 9 2015, 04:47 PM

He Who Walks Between The Worlds

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So became i didn't have enough to work on *<-sarcasm* I decided to start a vlog project.

The Coming of Winter is a ARG that I have in the works, centering around the Cold Boy (or something like that o-0). I got the idea of this from some fearblog saying something along the lines that the great game is basically a race between the fears to see who can bring their apocalypses first (i think it was a Topography Genera blog) and night mind's marble hornets review (about the ARK and possible flood or whatever) bla bla bla. The Choir, The Blind Man, and possibly the Pale maiden if Treekaru/Jack Carmine allows me to use her.

I have an idea of the plot-ish, but I have a lack of actors (Seadrus barely wants anything to do with the mythos and everybody else I know aren't available). Anyone interested?
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