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 An Apology
 Posted: Jan 22 2016, 02:56 PM

January 11th, 2015. Never forget.

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This is something I wrote for everyone I had wronged. This was written around the holiday season, but was taken down.

Hello. This is Hunter. Liam doesn't exist, and I only have one brother. Those were lousy attempts at trying to get back in here. I've apologized on the Fear Mythos Wiki, and I feel like it's necessary to do it again here.

Saying I would come to Adam's house to talk about this was the most insane thing I've ever done. I wasn't in my right mind, not in the slightest. That was my one fatal mistake, and I should have stopped there.

But no, I didn't. I called the cops on myself. I knew how shitty what I had done was, but I didn't know what to do. Now my mind is working at its full capacity to try and formulate the proper apology you all deserve.

It started over a year ago. My first bad choice was criticizing NoFourthWall's "Multiworld Resort," an idea I now love to bits. I am very sorry to Wally, but I don't know how to say it to this day. Now I'll try.

Wally, your Multiworld Resort is the epitome of what I love about this mythos. It takes modern-day ideas and flips it on its head, which is what is so great about this community. I apologize for everything I've said about it. It true is a work of art.

Now PyroGothNerd. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I just wanted to give my own representation of your characters, but I now realize that's not why you were angry. It was your page, and your page alone. I'm sorry I messed with it.

And JESUS CHRIST that damned front page! Quite possibly one of THE WORST things that put my behavior into a downward spiral. This one deserves a post in and of itself, put bluntly. But yes, YES, I apologize for starting that whole fiasco.

DJay, I'm sorry for EVERYTHING I have done. The EAT thing, the bypassing suspension thing, the Blog List thing, some of our ordinary conversations. I won't be able to forgive myself for anything I had ever said or done during that time.

And Adam. Oh God Almighty, Adam. I. Am sorry. So so so so so so sorry. You were just trying to do your job, and I respect each and every decision you made, because you were just looking out for the community you chose to join.

I realize now that it wasn't about the actions I did, it was about the rebellion I had shown while doing them, the immaturity, the crude nature of everything I done, and everything that just wasn't me.

I will leave if you so choose for me to do so. You, the community, have a choice for whether I leave or not. You have my promise on whatever God there may be, that I will not make a single account to bypass my permanent ban from this place.

I am sorry, to all who know me, and all I have wronged. Happy holidays.
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