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 Submit A Creepypasta Thread, For submitting creepypasta
 Posted: Oct 6 2014, 04:40 AM


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This was for a scholarship, but I never turned it in because it cost money. Screw that.

This is ridiculous. How the hell am I supposed to finish this report when that thing keeps pestering me? It’s not like I am stressed out or anything like that. What with my boss being a total creeper who likes to peer down at my breast and make demeaning comments when he thinks I am not within earshot. He says if I didn’t want him “appreciating” my body, then I should stop wearing “revealing” clothes or that I should stop trying to get his attention.  I wear the clothes that are comfortable to me, and I like wearing blouses and skirts sometimes. It’s not as if I go in wearing short skirts and a rather low cut blouse, to the point where my breast are showing. He just wants an excuse to be a perv.

I take a deep intake of air, hoping to steady my breathing. I swear, just thinking about him makes me see red. I, I can’t think straight now. That thing has left me. For now. It’s probably wrecking my kitchen like it usually does. I will have to check on it.

As I get up from my computer I tripped over some toy and just nearly missed banging my head on the corner of my desk.

I never play with toys. Well I did when I was younger but still. Why are there toys left lying around? Is it trying to kill me? I suddenly remember slipping on some toy car and falling down the stairs. I suffered minimum injuries, but it was still frightful. Yes, it is trying to kill me. It is trying to make sure that I suffer, no matter where I go. I can’t even get a good night’s sleep because it keeps coming into my bed, touching me, always touching me.
When I finally sat up, I felt a tug on my shoulder. I tried not look behind me, but the thing just kept tugging me. Oh God, please let it stop. If I dare to look back, it might be the end. I felt the creature’s breathing on my neck, it’s hands now caressing my hair. No, please no. It pulls at my hair sometimes. It only stops when I scream at it, then it makes this horrifying sound and tries to hurt me even more by wrapping its arms around me as if to suffocate me.

“Mama,” it says. “Mama, I is hungry.”

“Go away,” I can hear my voice cracking, “please.”


I turn around to look at it. It looks so human, only smaller. That is so that it can worm its way into my life. But, there is something off about it. When you see it you can’t quite place it, but you know something is horribly off about it.

I take a sharp intake of breath.


I can hear it start to scream. I push it harshly and get up. Its screaming gets louder and louder as it lies on the floor. And so I kick it. Months of frustrations pour out of me as I kick and kick and kick. It stopped trying to get up. Blood seeps onto the floor. Strange, the blood is red, like mine. I ran for it, wanting to get away from it before it got up. It always got back up.

Strangely the outside was peaceful. The sun hasn't even set yet, which was a relief. I hate to walk in the dark after what just happened. I wandered around for a bit, trying to decide where I should go. Should I go to the police? No, that thing is under control for now. Should I go to a friend? No, I don’t want to burden her. An idea strikes my mind. The park! It isn't too far from where I am. My walking quickens and eventually becomes jogging. Up ahead, I see numerous trees, most of which have colorful leaves. I am glad that I generally wear long sleeve shirts and that it isn’t that cold during the fall. I am getting close. I see the steel gates which are agape. They are pretty well kept, so I admire them as I pass by them.

Everything in this park is well kept, which is why I love it so much. I stop in my tracks to inhale the fresh air and to take in my surroundings. Flowers dotted the park here and there, making the park seem more beautiful. I follow the path a bit until I reached a black bench with a woman casually tossing bread to the pigeons.

"Excuse me m'am. May I sit down?"

"Why of course you can," jovially, she motions me to sit beside her.

A few moments of silence followed until she asked me why I was here at a time like this, so I told her everything that has happened. I told her about my boss, and about the thing that just appeared to me that has been trying to harm me. I told her how I don't remember how I got that thing, it was just there, and I have a hard time remembering certain things after that thing appeared.

She said: "Don't worry honey. I have one too.Like you, I was rather scared of that unpredictable beast. I had no clue as to what it wanted or where it came from. In fact I believe quite a many people have to deal with those mysterious creature. Unfortunately, the government won't do anything about it, so I had to take matters into my own hands."

"Really," I can hardly contain the hope in my voice. "How do you bear with it?"

"I keep it locked up."

She said it in such a cheerful way.

Hooray for more themes on memory problems and cruelty. Only, this is because the adults are unable to recognize their own children.

I think the Blind Man might be a favorite fear of mine. I will have to deviate from him.

I also seem to favor characters committing brutal acts, whether they are aware of it, or not.

"The Black Cat" by Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorite short stories due to the emotions it evokes.

"Men Are Terrible And Will Hurt You, Because This Is Lifetime"~Family Guy

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 Posted: Oct 6 2014, 04:45 AM


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Another one that I just wrote today.

Every day is the same. You wake up, take a shower, and get dress. Then you go to class. You listen attentively to the teacher. Ideas come out of their mouths and implant themselves in your brain. You write down notes, like always. And then class is dismissed. You leave. You see people in relationships, chatting and having fun. Fun is foreign to you. Work is important. Obligations are important. Obligations are what keep you going. Obligations are terrifying, but you don’t feel anything anyways. You vaguely remember feelings.  Someone says something. More ideas, more research. You walk to your car. You drive home. You go on your computer and research. Everything that someone has said, you look it up. Who was Aristotle? Socrates? What is threesome? Why do people laugh? Why do people smile and cry? You have homework to do. All this homework, research, and so little time.

You look at your homework. You have to read, and so you do. More knowledge to dig through. You become loss in your obligations. It is now 2:00 A.M. You remember that humans need sleep. You go to sleep only because it is required of you.

The next day you wake up to the same routine. Throughout the day, there is something off. You go back home and research psychology. That might help you in your quest of figuring out the mysteries of mankind.

Something is still off the next day. Various experiments run through your mind. You need a way to implement them.

That feeling is really bothering you, despite the fact that you aren’t supposed to feel anything. It has been days. You (don’t) want to put your experiments to actions. There is this girl who sits next to you in one of your class. Girls are generally weaker than men. You talk to her and invite her out. Her face is red. You have to research that.

A few days later, you invite her to some abandon place. You knock her unconscious and tie her up. Once she is awake, you tell her what you are about to do. She cries. That same offness is still there. Your stomach feels weird. Perhaps you are hungry, but you already ate. You do not feel like you need to relieve yourself.

She screams throughout your experiments. Once you are done, you caress her face. That is what people do to comfort each other. She flinches. You want to find out why. More experiments are in order. School can wait.

Hours past, or maybe a day or so. She doesn’t cry that much anymore. You think she is ready for the water. You want to understand how she feels. You give her a drink. More feelings and ideas for you to assimilate.

Those feelings, despair and boredom and hopelessness, the feeling of guilt, become recognized and categorized. The only feelings left, if they can be called that, are those of academic interest and curiosity. The girl looks at you.
“Hello,” you say.
“And welcome,” she says.

I kind of want this to be a bit dull.

EDIT: Edited for some slight errors and formatting.

"Men Are Terrible And Will Hurt You, Because This Is Lifetime"~Family Guy

"They call me Doctor Rake.
"Good morning, how you are, I'm Doctor Rake."
I'm interested in things.
I'm not a real doctor, but I am a real Rake, I am an actual Rake."~Alliterator.
 Posted: Oct 6 2014, 05:57 AM

Bat One
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QUOTE (Bardicshy @ Oct 5 2014, 11:45 PM)
Another one that I just wrote today.

I kind of want this to be a bit dull.

I like this. The pacing's very good.

Unseelie - The place where giants rule

Journal of the days after - Torn from xer awful embrace

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin - Read it and weep

Our Cyclical Dance - Endlessly in on itself

I'm on Tumblr and DeviantArt.

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 Posted: Oct 7 2014, 11:01 PM


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I wrote another one, and I have an idea for another one as well.


“Those voices aren’t real,” Doctor Spencer told his patient.

“They are too!” His patient, let’s call him Samuel said.

Doctor Spencer can only sigh. It was the same damn thing with this patient and he was sick of it. He was not sick of helping Samuel; rather, he felt he was not helping the man enough. Just when he thought he made progress, the man would regress and it was back to square one.

“Alright then,” Doctor Spencer paused for a moment. He wanted some time to pick his words carefully, lest Samuel accuse him on being on Their side.

They. Samuel was never clear on who they were. Doctor Spencer was not surprised by this, as They were, after all, a product of Samuel’s mind. Perhaps the man did have an explanation for who They were, but was too paranoid to share it.

“Tell me, what did they tell you?”

“My mother hates me.”

“Do you think your mother hates you?” Doctor Spencer looked at Samuel.

“She said so herself. My wife said I should kill myself,” Samuel voiced cracked.

“Mmm-hmm,” Doctor Spencer nodded and then wrote down some notes.

“Was there an argument?”

“No!” Samuel wailed. “I said that I loved both of them and that I was thankful to have them.”

“Are you sure they really said that?”

“That’s just it! I can never be sure!”

“What do you mean?”


“You always mention them, but never explain who they are,” Doctor Spencer said calmly.

“They make it so that I can never tell what others feel about me,” Samuel said. “It feels so real. They are real, but the way they interfere makes it hard to tell what people actually said.”

“Interesting. Well, just remember that you are not terrible person, despite what those voices tell you. You may have made some mistakes in life, but that does not mean you are a horrible person.”

“Thanks Doctor.”

“I will be talking to your psychiatrists to see if we can change your medicine. If you need anything, I am here for you.”

Samuel said nothing and left.

The doctor looked at the clock. He could use a nap.

He had no idea how long he was in that room when the words “Liar” jolted him out of his rest. He searches around the room for the clock. It has only been about thirty minutes. He remembered that he heard something and leapt out of his chair to open the door. There was nobody there. He chalked it up to him sleeping.

He left work. Just as he passed his coworker, he heard the words “Liar” again.

“Excuse me?”

“What?” His coworker turned from the door.

“Nevermind,” and with that, Doctor Spencer left.

Days past, Spencer noticed that he would mishear things. He once thought the people on the television were talking to him for a brief moment. He tried not to think much of it. He thought it was probably due to his conversations with Samuel. It wasn’t really much, just his name.

Life went on as usual. He held sessions with some of his patients, he conversed with his co-workers. That is, until one of his coworkers said, “You could have saved her.”

His face went pale when he heard that. His coworkers continue on with their laughing. He had to leave, and so he made up some excuse. He left.

He could feel people staring at him in the restaurant. He could hear them talking about him.

“Look at that charlatan.”

“He only cares about money.”

“That poor girl.”

He tried not to listen to what they were saying. He tried to explain it all away as his mind playing tricks on him. The voices were getting much for him to handle. He wanted to cover his ears, but he was afraid of being judged.

Days past and he went out less and less. He still made it to his appointments, even when his patients were accusatory. He had a duty to them.

The words would not die down. It was getting harder for him to sleep. Not just because of those words, but of what the words had woken up in him.

He did start missing his appointments. He rarely left his house. He couldn’t even answer his phone because the last time he did, he heard her screaming about what a horrible person he was. He stopped watching T.V. There were a few times when people would visit, but he never let them in.

“You could have saved her,” there was no-one in his house. He checked over and over.

“You could have saved her.”

“I couldn’t. I didn’t have a chance,” he shouted.


“It’s true.”

“You could have prevented it.”

“How? I can’t make the choices for others.”

“She died because of you.”

“No! I was new. I learned from my mistakes.”

“You didn't care at all for her.”

“I did care.”


“Please stop,” he pleaded. No matter what he said, the voices continued. They kept getting louder and louder.

“Just please,” his voice broke. “I didn't know she would kill herself after our session. I didn't mean for it to happen.”

The accusatory words still did not cease.

“I’m not at fault,” he screamed.

Laughter and more voices were his only reply.

“I’m sorry,” he cried. “I am so sorry. I should have known what I said would hurt you. I should been more empathetic. I am so so sorry.” He curled up into a ball and wept.

The voices grew louder and louder.

There was still laughter and harsh words.

I have two titles in mind for this. "Guilt," and "Voices."

Yep, this is a choir fear-pasta.

"Men Are Terrible And Will Hurt You, Because This Is Lifetime"~Family Guy

"They call me Doctor Rake.
"Good morning, how you are, I'm Doctor Rake."
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I'm not a real doctor, but I am a real Rake, I am an actual Rake."~Alliterator.
 Posted: Dec 28 2014, 07:28 PM

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A walk down Main Street
I feel fantastic as I walk down the sidewalk on Main Street, I see the people passing me, most with melancholy faces, most likely due to the recent ecenomic crisis. Not a lot of them seem to be happy except one or two people.

I walk down the sidewalk on Main Street. I watch the people walk past me.
A particular person stands out though.

Appears to be a homeless man.
I don't think it is though.
It looks like a human.

I walk down the sidewalk on Main Street. The "homeless man" keeps staring at me, mouthing something to me.

I walk down the sidewalk on Main Street. I pick up the pace a bit, because he's starting to scare me.

I walk down the sidewalk on Main Street and I don't know where I'm going.
I walk down the sidewalk on Main Street.
And I don't know who I am.

 Posted: Dec 9 2015, 11:43 PM


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Johnny Sevenfold
 Posted: Dec 26 2015, 06:32 AM


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Hey, my name is Johnny Sevenfold. Here is my first Creepypasta. Hope you all enjoy.

Deep in the Shadows
Adapted Creepypasta
By Jonathon Howell

"Pew, I'm tired", Sarah Lane said to herself as she yawned. She had just finished another 12 hour shift at the marketing firm she worked at. When she first got the job, she had been thrilled. It was a new and exciting field for her. But the job had turned out to be more demanding than she had imagined.

Still, Sarah enjoyed her work. It was fun, she was always meeting new people, and the pay was great. She was glad to be off, though. And ready for a good night's sleep.

She was walking home that night. She normally walked back and forth from her job because it wasn't too far from where she lived, and it saved her money on gas. This night had been no different from the other nights Sarah had walked home from work. She only saw a few cars pass her by, and had only seen two other people walking.

A sound of thunder caught her attention. It's about to rain. I better pick up the pace, she thought to herself. She began walking faster, and continued down the street.

Sarah was about to turn the corner when a strange sound caught her attention. It sounded like somebody was dragging something metallic against a brick wall. She quickly looked to her left and examined the area.

It was dark, and the street lights didn't give off much illumination. There was abandoned building that was mostly made out of brick. It had a 70s style design to it. Sarah couldn't see anything, though. Nor could she pinpoint the exact location of the sound.

By the time she finished scanning the area, the sound had stopped. It must have been nothing, Sarah thought to herself. You're getting worked up over nothing. Still, the sound made her uneasy.

The fact that that she lived in a city with a pretty high crime rate didn't put her at ease. She was about to continue walking when SUDDENLY, she heard the sound again. She looked over, and what she saw sent chills down her spine.

Sarah saw three figures emerge from the side of the building. There were no lights on the side they had emerged from, so it appeared as if they came out from deep in the shadows.

Sarah couldn't make out many features of the figures because it was dark. But they almost looked inhuman to her. One of the figures had what appeared to be a menacing smile on it's face. It stretched from ear to ear. "He" was the one making the sound. He had some kind of object in his hand, in which he repeatedly dragged against the brick wall.

The other two figures had angry looking stares on their "faces". Their "eyes" filled with rage. One had a skull cap. The other had a bald head. Suddenly, they started walking towards Sarah. She looked away, and continued walking. As she walked faster, so did the figures. What do they want, Sarah thought to herself.

More thunder rumbled in the sky as it started to rain. This did not deter the figures from following Sarah.

By this point, Sarah was almost running. I just need to get to my house, Sarah thought, and then I can call the police. She looked over her shoulder to see if they were still following her. Sure enough, there they were. Their "eyes" fixated on Sarah. One of them let out what sounded like a flirtatious whistle.

Finally, her house came into view. She didn't take any chances. He ran the rest of the way. She made it to her front door. She fumbled around her pockets for her keys, pulled them out and unlocked her door. She hurried inside quickly and shut the door.

She locked it behind her and pressed her back against the door. By that time, she was out of breath. Panting heavily as she lay against the door. She was completely soaked by the rain. After a few seconds, Sarah mustered up the courage to look outside. She went over to her window and moved the curtain back.

She looked around her yard, but couldn't see anybody out there. Nor did there appear to be anybody in the street. Sarah let out a heavy sigh as she let go of the curtain. They must have been messing with me, she thought. That, or they gave up.

Not taking any chances, she pulled out her phone and started to dial 911 when BANG! Somebody was at her back door, pounding away. BANG BANG BANG BANG!

Startled, Sarah dropped her phone and covered her mouth to muffle her scream. The banging continued. BANG BANG BANG BANG! Sarah tip toed over to her kitchen and peeked around the corner. Her eyes widened in terror as she saw a figure at her door. The one with the smile on his "face"

Before Sarah could move out of view, the "man" spotted her. With one quick motion, he kicked open the door. Sarah let out a blood curdling scream, and ran towards her front door. She fumbled with the lock and managed to get it open.

She swung the door open, and was about to run outside when her eyes widened in terror. Another one of the "figures" stood before her, blocking her path. The one with the skull cap. As she stepped back, the "man" moved forward. Sarah was about to turn around and run when the smiling "man" tried to grab her.

"AAAAAGGGHHH", Sarah screamed as she fought free from the man's grip. She ran past the man towards her kitchen. She made a dash for her back door only to run straight into the third figure. The one with the bald head. He gave off a smirk and attempted to grab her.

Sarah grabbed a glass that was sitting on the kitchen counter and smashed it on the "man's" head. He let out a grunt and fell against the door frame. Sarah turned and tried to run towards her living room, but was taken down after one of the "men" took out her legs.

The smiling "man" entered the kitchen. His grin as wide as ever. The man in the back doorway walked over; angry that Sarah had smashed a glass over his head. Sarah continued to struggle as the men tried to subdue her.

She managed to get one of her hands free and swung on the smiling "man", hitting him in the face. But the punch barely seemed to phase him. He didn't even stop smiling. The man from the doorway managed to hold Sarah down by pinning her shoulders to the floor.

"LET ME GO", Sarah screamed, "LET ME GO"! The smiling "man" started giggling. His laughter sounded so evil to Sarah. So.... inhuman. He then reached for Sarah's shirt, and tried to undo her buttons.

At that moment, Sarah realized exactly what the men wanted. She continued to struggle, trying desperately to break free. "Please", she begged as tears formed in her eyes, "please, don't". Her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Suddenly, the smiling "man" reached for his belt, and pulled a very sharp knife from a sheath. Sarah recognized it as the object the man was running across the wall from before. With one quick motion, the smiling "man" pressed the knife against Sarah's neck.

Sarah gasped as the blade lay firmly in place on her throat. Tears ran down her cheek and she began to whimper. With another quick motion, the smiling "man" pulled the knife away. He held the knife by the blade, twisting it in his hand. The smile on his face never fading.

It was almost as if he was signaling to Sarah that if she didn't cooperate, the blade would end up back at her throat again. These "men" clearly wanted Sarah alive so that she could experience first hand what they were going to do to her. But they had no problem killing Sarah in order to get what they wanted from her.

Sarah's head slumped to the floor and she began to sob heavily. The smiling "man" continued to undo the buttons on her shirt. This is it, she thought to herself. This is how I'm going to die. These monsters are going to do these horrible things to me and then they're going to kill me.

SUDDENLY, the bald headed man that had pinned Sarah's shoulders down was yanked away from her. "AAAGH", Sarah screamed as she and the other men watched in shock as the man was dragged away. It looked like something had wrapped around his leg.

The man was scratching the ground; trying desperately to free himself from whatever was pulling him. He screamed in horror as he was pulled out the back door: "AAAAGGHH HAH HAH HAH"! The two remaining men and Sarah watched as they listened to the man scream and beg for mercy

"Wha... WHAT ARE YOU", he cried in terror. Then suddenly, his screams stopped. It was dead silent for a moment. A flash of lightning startled the men and Sarah. Suddenly, a figure in black appeared in the doorway. It was briefly illuminated by the lightning.

"AAAAAGH", the man with the skull cap screamed. He tried to run, but the figure threw something at him. It hit him on the shoulder and he fell to the ground, letting out a yelp in the process. The figured then turned its focus to the smiling "man", who was no longer smiling. He had a look of sheer terror on his face.

The figure suddenly and quickly moved towards the man. The terrified "man" let out a scream and began swinging his knife at the figure. The figure easily dodged the man's attacks. After the man's eighth swing, the figure caught his hand and began to twist his wrist. The terrified "man" winced in pain as the figure twisted his wrist.

With one quick move, the figure broke the man's wrist. CRAAAACK! "AAAAAGH", the terrified "man" screamed as he clutched his broken wrist, dropping the knife in the process. The figure then grabbed the man and threw him against the kitchen sink.

"AAAGH", Sarah screamed as the man rolled off the sink and landed on the floor. He managed to pull himself up, and was met by a swift sidekick to the head by the figure. The terrified "man" landed to the ground, completely unconscious.

At that point, the "man" with the skull cap pulled himself up, clutching the shoulder hit by the object the figure threw. Wincing in pain, the skull cap "man" watched as the figure jumped and hit him with a spinning roundhouse kick. The man spun in midair and landed on the ground. The figure had knocked him completely out.

The figure stood there for a second, surveying the area. It then turned its attention to Sarah, who was still lying on the ground, in complete shock at what she had just witnessed. She made eye contact with the figure, not sure of how to react.

Admittedly, the figure scared her more than the "men" that tried to harm her. At the same time, she felt safe around the figure. Looking into it's eyes, she knew that it wouldn't harm her. Suddenly, the figure took a step forward towards Sarah.

"Are you alright", the figure rasped. Sarah took a deep breath, and responded: "Ye-yeah. I'm scared shitless, but I'll live". The figure nodded and offered it's hand to Sarah. She took it's hand and it pulled her up in one quick motion.

As Sarah began to straighten herself put, her eyes adjusted to the dark and she began to study the figures appearance. It was clearly a man about 6'2 in height. He was wearing some kind of armored suit. A yellow utility belt was fastened around his waist.

There was a symbol that ran across his chest. A winged creature of some kind. He was wearing a mask that had pointy "ears" sticking upwards. He had a black cape that draped over his shoulders. Sarah just stood there. Still in shock at what had just transpired. Still shocked at the appearance of the man who stood before her. She had heard the rumors about him, but had dismissed them as urban legend.

Suddenly, police sirens in the distance broke the silence. One of her neighbors must have heard her screams and called the cops. The man turned towards the door and began to leave. "I have to go", the man rasped. "Wait", Sarah said, walking after the man. He stopped and turned to face her. "Thank you", Sarah said. "Whoever you are"

The man let out a sigh and looked out the door. "You don't have to thank me", he said, turning his attention back to Sarah. "Just listen to what I have to say". Sarah nodded as the man continued.

"There are those who prey on the fearful. The innocent. They take what they want, hurt who they want. They do it without remorse or fear. But now they have something to fear".

Sarah continued to listen, taking in every word he said. At that moment, she knew exactly who he was. "You're...", Sarah started to say. "I am vengeance. I am the night. I'm Batman". With that, "Batman" pulled something out of his belt, and fired it at the roof. With one quick motion, the grappling hook pulled him up the roof.

Sarah ran outside, and began looking around. "Batman" was nowhere to be seen. Just then, the police pulled up to Sarah's house. The cops began to climb out of their cars with their guns drawn. Sarah ran around to her front yard, and waved to them.

They questioned her, asked if she was okay. She explained the entire situation to the cops. They began to secure the area. They found the man that had been dragged outside hanging from a tree; his leg tied to a branch.

As the police arrested the "men", Sarah looked towards the sky in the distance. It was from that point on that she knew that Gotham City had a new protector. That the men, the monstrous "figures" that had emerged from deep in the shadows now had something to fear.

Something that resided even deeper on the shadows. Sarah would never forget the message he delivered that night. The Dark Knight was out there....

Disclaimer. I do not own the rights to Batman. Batman is a registered trademark to DC Comics. I make no profit off of this story.
Johnny Sevenfold
 Posted: Dec 26 2015, 06:36 AM


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Here's my second Creepypasta. Hope you all enjoy this one as well.

It's him, isn't it?
Creepypasta by Jonathon Howell

You’ve heard the stories, right? The news reports? The interviews of the family members? You know about him, right? Well, if you don’t, let me tell you about him. About what I went through. What he did to me and family. My name is Tyler Benson. And this is my story. It happened a few months ago. Late spring. My wife Jessica was on a long business trip. It was just me and my son, Jeremy and my daughter Casara.

Jeremy is twelve. Casara is fifteen. Things were pretty normal at first. I work at a Microsoft Store in Franklin, Tennessee. I’m the GM. My wife Jessica works for an IT company. We’re both computer nerds. We love sci fi, horror movies, video games. All of that. So do our children. We’re not stereotypical nerds though. We all work out and stay in great shape.

Since Jessica was away on business, me, Casara and Jeremy had the house to ourselves. We spent time together whenever we had the time through school and work. Played Mortal Kombat and Gears of War. Watched movies. But soon, things took a turn for the strange in our city. Our neighborhood. The brutal murders. A killer was on the loose. People were being butchered in their homes by an unknown assailant.

Stabbed in the middle of the night. Without warning, or any signs of forced entry. One victim was found barely alive in her home. A young girl Casara went to school with, but hardly new. She managed to utter one phrase before she died from her injuries: “ His face. That… horrible smile. He… said…. go to… sleep….” Ever since I heard those words, a suspicious feeling has had a hold of me.

Like I’ve heard that phrase from somewhere. “Go to sleep”. One day, me, Jeremy and Casara were watching the news when a bulletin came up. A new victim was found. A kid from Jeremy’s school. Jeremy instantly recognised him. “That’s Bobby”, Jeremy said in a shocked manner. “We had gym class together. He was such a nice guy”. We all sat there and watched the news report in silence.

Bobby was found dead in his room. There was blood everywhere. Inside his room, a message was painted in blood on the wall: “Go to sleep”. “What the hell is going on dad”, Casara asked in a worried tone. “I don’t know”, I responded. “Wish I did”. That phrase again. Where had I heard it?. Later that night, we all tried to get some sleep. I was tired from work, and was ready to crash.

I set my alarm on my phone and got into bed. I fell asleep after some tossing and turning. I woke up halfway through the night. I picked up my phone and read the screen: “2:30 am”. I put my phone down and tried to fall back asleep. But I couldn’t. Something didn’t feel right. I opened my eyes and looked around the room. The moonlight from outside provided a small amount of illumination.

That’s when I saw it. A figure standing in the corner of my room. Between the window and the closet. A chill ran down my spine. At first, I dismissed it as a shadow. My eyes were still adjusting to the dark. Then, it raised its arm. It appeared to be holding something sharp. It spoke: “Go to sleep”. My eyes widened in terror. I turned my light on. The figure was gone. I got out of bed and looked around. Under my bed. In my closet. The master bathroom. Nothing. I checked to see if Casara and Jeremy were okay.

They were both in their rooms, fast asleep. I sighed and leaned against a wall. You were just seeing things, I thought to myself. Just my mind playing tricks. Still, I remained on edge. I didn’t tell my kids what had happened the previous night. Didn’t want to scare them. The next couple of days were uneventful. I slept well and did not see the figure. I went about my everyday routines.

I had almost forgotten about the figure. Everything seemed normal. Until the following Friday night came along. Ordinary day. Save for the fact that I won $500 off a Lotto ticket. I spent the good part of the day with Casara and Jeremy. Stomping them in GoldenEye on my N64. I went to bed around 12:30. Fell asleep instantly. I was in the middle of a good dream when suddenly: “AAAAAAGGHHH”.

Jeremy was screaming at the top of his lungs. I hopped out of bed and ran into the hallway. Jeremy was outside his room, breathing heavily. "There’s somebody in there”, he cried. I ran back to my room and grabbed my gun from my lockbox. I cocked it and stepped out into the hallway. Casara was standing outside now with a worried look on her face.

“What’s wrong, dad”, she asked with concern. I kept my silence and stepped into Jeremy’s room with my gun held high. My heart was racing faster than I knew it could. I looked around the room. Nothing. Nobody was in there. Jeremy’s window as open. I walked over to it and looked outside. There was nobody outside. Nobody in the streets. I closed the window and walked out of the room and into the hallway.

Jeremy and Casara had worried looks on their faces. “Nobody is in there”, I assured them. "I saw him", Jeremy cried. "He was there". "Did you get a look at him", I asked. "I....", Jeremy started, "it was dark. I couldn't make out a whole lot. But...."

"What", Casara asked with anticipation. "His face", Jeremy stated, "was as pale as snow. His eyes were wide open.... like he was missing his eyelids. He had a big smile on his face.... from ear to ear. He kept singing. I thought I was dreaming at first, but he was real".

"What was he singing", I asked Jeremy. "Something like", Jeremy replied, "go to sleep, and goodnight. He had such a high pitched voice". A look of confusion formed on my face. "It's him, isn't it", Casara asked. I looked at her as she continued.

"He was in our house. The one who killed all of those people. Christina, that kid Bobby. He was here". I thought for a second. Could it be? Did that serial killer enter our home? Was he in my room last week? “I’ll call the police”, I told Casara and Jeremy. “Let them know what happened. Stay here while I grab my phone”. Jeremy and Casara nodded as I went into my room for my phone.

The cops arrived thirty minutes later. I gave them the description of the man and told them what my son saw. I also recounted the night he supposedly entered my room as well. They investigated our house inside and out. They were unable to find the suspect nor any evidence that he had been there. They said that they would follow up on their report and let us know if anything came up.

After about five minutes, their cars pulled out of my driveway. Jeremy and Casara were both sitting on the couch. I was standing up, trying to grasp the situation. ‘So”, says Jeremy, “he was here in our house last week and you didn’t tell us”? “I thought I was dreaming”, I explained. “Half asleep at the time. I wasn’t sure of what I saw”. “We need to tell mom”, Casara said. “Let her know of what happened”. I nodded in agreement.

‘I’ll call her in the morning”, I told them. “Just try to get some sleep. Make sure your windows are locked tight. I’ll do a double take of the doors as well”. Jeremy and Casara both agreed and headed towards their rooms. Wow, I thought to myself. We’ve never had to lock up this tight before. This used to be a safe neighborhood. The only crime we’ve seen were occasional break-ins and minor offences.

The fact that that killer was able to enter our rooms through the second floor windows kept me on edge the rest of the night. I called my wife Jessica the next day and let her know what happened. She’s not one to panic or freak out, but she was still worried when I told her. “I’m gonna come home”, she told me over the phone. “No”, I told her. “You don’t have to do that. ‘I don’t want you to lose your job”.

‘It’s fine”, Jessica assured me. “They’ll understand. We’re almost done anyways. They can do the rest without me. I have to that you guys are okay”. I sighed. “Alright”, I agreed. Jessica told me that she would find that she would find the quickest flight possible. That she would be home by Monday at the latest. I agreed to keep her updated. Honestly though, I’m glad she didn’t come home sooner.

If she had, she would had suffered like me and our children did.One day had past since the incident. The rest of the weekend was uneventful. We kept our doors and windows locked tight. We constantly looked over our shoulders. Paranoia can be a bitch. That Sunday, I took it upon myself to do some research. I knew that I had heard the phrase “go to sleep” somewhere.

In the context that it was used. These whole events seemed familiar. The description of the killer that Jeremy had given me. The song that he had sang. The victims he had claimed. I looked up the song online. A few variations popped up. Ones I recognised. No versions of the song Jeremy had described. I racked my brain for about an hour. Until something popped in my head.

“Jeff”, I said aloud. “Could it be”? I typed in the field into my address bar. Jeff go to sleep. The results appeared on screen. Jeff The Killer. I remembered now. Jeff The Killer was a Creepypasta. I only looked it up once. A video I saw on Youtube about a maniacal killer with a hideously scarred face who murdered people in their homes while they were sleeping. I saw a few pictures of Jeff. His face was just as Jeremy described it.

Pasty white, no eyelids, a smile carved into his face. Did some deranged psychopath take up the persona of Jeff The Killer? A few links appeared in the search in reference to Jeff’s origins. To a girl who supposedly committed suicide because people made of her weight, to a demonic spirit that looked like a clown. There was one article that caught my eye. About a teenage boy who died two years ago.

The article described an incident that took place in Jonesborough, Tennessee. A Chinese American family of four were supposedly burned alive in their home one summer night. The family consisted of Mao Peng, 38, May Peng, 39, their oldest son Liu, 19 and their youngest son Jeffrey, 16. They had just moved to Jonesborough two months prior. Not much was known about them. The article did give a small description of Jeffrey.

He was normal at first. Polite and funny. Always knew how to make people smile. But that changed after an incident in school. Jeffrey got into a fight with a bully. He gave the bully a severe beating. He felt remorse for what he did and later apologised. The bully recovered and exacted revenge on Jeffrey by covering him in acid he had stolen from a chemistry class.

Jeffrey was hospitalized for three months. His skin had turned completely white. His eyelids had melted off, completely exposing his eyeballs. He was eventually released from the hospital into his family’s care. Jeffrey’s family decided to homeschool him. He was rarely seen outside of his home after that. He had turned into a recluse. Rumors suggested that he lost his mind.

Then two months later, the Peng’s home went up in an explosion. Paramedics only recover three bodies from the home.Completely burnt to a crisp. The bodies were assumed to be that of Mao, May and Liu. A fourth body was never recovered. It was assumed that is was Jeffrey’s body that was missing. Some theorized that his body was vaporised in the explosion.

Others claimed that Jeffrey went insane and killed his family. Two days later, the bully that had tormented Jeff, identified as Billy Klein, went missing.

Along with his family. Some claimed that Jeffrey had exacted revenge on Billy and his family. Soon after, other people began to disappear. None of them were linked to Jeffrey on the count of insufficient evidence Not long after, people in the town made claims that they saw a strange figure walking around at night. He had a pale face, no eyelids, blood red lips and a permanent smile carved into his face.

Some claimed that they saw the figure outside their windows. They would at times hear somebody singing to them in a high pitched tone. The song went like this: “Go to sleep, and goodnight. Go to sleep and goodnight. Close your eyes, lay your head. It’s time to go to bed.” This was all dismissed as urban legend of coarse. And eventually turned into a Creepypasta. Jeff The Killer was born.

I closed the links and pondered to myself. Was Jeff behind these murders? Those disappearances in Jonesborough? Was he here in Franklin? The evidence seemed to point in that direction. Monday came along. I had a long day of work ahead of me. Wouldn’t be done until nine pm. Jeremy had wrestling practice after school, so Casara would be by herself.

I hated the idea of her being alone after what happened over the weekend. I wasn’t too worried though. Casara has a black belt in karate and knows how to use a gun. I told her to call me and the police if anything went wrong. Things went by smoothly at work. I got things done quicker than I thought I would. I called my wife Jessica to give her any updates I had.

She said that she would be home Tuesday morning. I called Jeremy and Casara to check up on them. Jeremy was on his way to wrestling practice. Casara was heading home. Everything went by smoothly. Then I got a phone call around 8:30 pm. It was Jeremy’s wrestling coach. Jeremy never made it to practice. I felt like my heart had dropped into my stomach.

I called Casara to see if she was okay. She didn’t answer her cell phone. I called the house phone. No answer. Dammit, I thought to myself. Where is she? I called her cell phone again. “Come on baby girl, pick up”, I pleaded. She answered her phone. I let out a sigh. “Casara”, I said. “Thank goodness. Listen kiddo, Jeremy is missing. Have you heard from….” A voice interrupted me. It wasn’t Casara’s. “Go to sleep, and goodnight. Go to sleep and goodnight”.

It was Jeff. He was inside my house. With Casara. I balled my fists up in anger. “What have you done with my daughter you son of a bitch”, I demanded of Jeff. He just kept singing in a high pitched voice. “Close your eyes. Lay your head. It’s time to go to bed”. The other end went dead. I let out an angry yell. I knocked the computer of my desk. I gathered my things proceeded to leave.

I dialed 911 from my phone. “911, what’s your emergency”, a female operator said. “My name is Tyler Benson”, I said as calmly as possible. “That murderer from the news. The one behind the killings. He’s in my house. I think he hurt my daughter, kidnapped my son. I need you to send the police to my house right now. I’m on my way now from work. I….” BANG!

A loud crash rattled throughout the building. I dropped my phone out of reflex and spun around. I was the only one in the building. I looked around the hallway, trying to determine wear the crash came from. Suddenly, the intercom system came to life. The lullaby from before started playing: “Go to sleep, and goodnight. Go to sleep and goodnight”. My blood ran cold

Jeff The Killer was here?! In my office? But he was just at my house. How did he get…. Everything suddenly went black. I woke up in a dimly lit room. My head was throbbing. Like something had struck the back of my head. I squinted and let out a moan of pain. I heard muffled screams coming from my right. I turned my head. To my horror, I discovered Jeremy and Casara tied up in separate chairs

Their mouths were gagged shut. My eyes widened in anger and terror. I tried to get up, but couldn’t move. I discovered that I was tied to chair as well. My mouth was taped shut.I grunted and tried to free myself. Hopped around in the chair. Tried wiggling free. I slumped in frustration. I looked around the room. Tried to get a feel of my surroundings. I was in a dark, dank room.

A wretched odor filled the air. I tried to get my arms free again. No luck. They were bound very tightly. Jeremy and Casara both continued to moan and tried to free themselves as well. I managed to get one of my hands loose. Suddenly, a door swung open. A figure stood in the doorway. Me, Jeremy and Casara watched in horror as he slowly walked into the room.

As he entered the dim light, I began to make out his features. A chill ran down my spine. It was him. Jeff The Killer. He was real His face as white as snow. Blood red lips. No eyelids on his face, revealing his menacing eyes. A smile was carved into his face from ear to ear. Just like in the pictures. His wide eyes darted back and forth between me, Jeremy and Casara.

Casara started whimpering. Jeff turned his gaze to her. He started to walk towards her. I began to let out muffled yells at him. My body completely tensed up. Jeff stopped in his tracks and slowly turned his head towards me. That menacing smile plastered on his face. He pulled out a sharp looking knife and walked over to me. His gaze remained fixated on me.

He came face to face with me. His breath smelled of something awful. I was scared shitless, but I kept my composure. With one quick motion, he put the knife against my throat. I let out a moan. Jeremy and Casara cried out in response.

He pulled the knife away from me. I let out a sigh. Jeff started singing in the high pitched voice of his: “Go to sleep and goodnight”.

He moved quickly over to Jeremy and placed the knife in front of his face. I let out more muffled screams as Jeff ran the knife across Jeremy's face while singing that song of his.

"Go to sleep and goodnight". I continued to loosen my hands while Jeff was distracted with my son. He moved away from Jeremy and over to Casara, singing that tune along the way. "Close your eyes, lay your head". He brushed Casara's hair.

She squealed in response as Jeff sang to her. "It's time to go to bed". I got my hands free. I had to act fast. Jeff remained fixated on my daughter. Singing to her. "Drift way, into the night. Let the darkness replace the light". With one quick motion, I threw myself on the floor.

The wooden chair broke under my weight as I fell to the floor. Jeff turned to me. I struggled to free my legs. Jeff let out a high pitched scream and charged towards me with his knife raised high. I got one of my legs free. Jeff was one me before I knew it.

I used my free leg and pushed Jeff off of me. I got my other leg free. I pulled the tape off my mouth and picked up on of the legs from the broken chair to use as a weapon. I hopped up and formed a fighting stance. Jeff regained his composure and charged at me.

Screaming the entire time. I swung the stick at him, hitting him in the head in the process. It barely seemed to phase him. He turned his gaze to me and giggled. I swung the stick again. Jeff caught it this time. He yanked the stick from my hand and tossed it aside.

He grabbed me by the throat and pushed me against a wall. Jeff was surprisingly strong even though he's shorter than me. He attempted to stab me. I caught his arm with my left hand. I struggled to keep the knife at bay. We looked each other in the eyes.

His irises were completely black. His eyeballs were completely white. Black circles surrounded his eyes. I could feel the knife getting closer. Jeremy and Casara were both screaming through their gags. The knife pricked my shoulder. Jeff tried to force it deeper. A trickle of blood ran down my shirt. I cried in pain. Jeff started laughing.

That infuriated me. With one quick motion, I pushed Jeff off of me. I kicked the little shit in his balls. He hunched over and grabbed his nuts, moaning in pain in the process. I took the broken chair and smashed it over his back. The chair shattered as Jeff fell to the ground. I grabbed the seat and hit Jeff in the head. He fell flat to the ground, but managed to push himself up. I hit him again.

He did not get up this time. I stood there with the seat raised over my head. Breathing heavily and staring at Jeff. Blood was coming out of his head. He wasn’t moving. I kicked him to make sure. Nothing. I dropped the seat and picked up Jeff’s knife. I went over to Jeremy and Casara and used the knife to untie them. “Are you guys okay”, I asked them. “Are you hurt”?

“I’m okay dad”, Jeremy replied. “Just scared out of mind”. “Same here, dad”, Casara said. “Let’s get the fuck out of here”. “Agreed”, I said. I finished untying them and helped each of them up. I looked over at Jeff. He was still lying there. Unconscious or dead, I wasn’t sure. I went over to him and began searching his pockets. I found a set of keys. I led Casara and Jeremy out of the room.

We entered a long, dimly lit hallway. I wasn’t sure to go, so I chose a random direction. “This way’, I said to Jeremy and Casara. We walked down the hallway in search of any exit. There were several rooms with locked, metal doors. Most likely cells. “Do you think there are other people here, dad”, Casara asked. I looked at her “I don’t know, kiddo”, I replied.

I looked at the keys in my hand. Could there be other prisoners here, I thought to myself. If there were, I should try to free them. I looked straight ahead and stopped dead in my tracks. What I saw sent a chill down my spine. A figure stood at the end of the hallway. He started singing: “Go to sleep and goodnight. Go to sleep and goodnight”. Jeff?! “How did he get in front of us”, Jeremy cried.

Jeff started walking towards us. “Run”, I told my children. “RUN”! We turned around and ran in the opposite direction. How did he wind up in front of us? What is he? We ran around the corner and into a big iron gate. It was locked. “Use the keys, dad”, Casara pleaded. I fumbled with the keys, trying to find the right one for the lock. I could hear Jeff getting closer.

Toying with us. Singing that song of his. “Close your eyes, lay your head. It’s time to go to bed”. I found the right key and unlocked the door. I opened it and motioned for my children to go through. I locked the door behind me in an effort to slow Jeff down. We ran through another hallway. Jeff’s voice still echoed throughout the building. Then, it stopped suddenly.

“Dad, look”, Jeremy cried while pointing. An iron door sat at the end of the hallway. “That better be an exit”, Casara said. We came up to the door and tried to open it. Locked. I fiddled with the keys and managed to unlock the door. I opened it, and we went through. We entered into another corridor. This one had windows, albeit boarded up with small streaks of light pouring through. There were two intersecting hallways on each side There was an exit up head.

“Let’s go”, I commanded Jeremy and Casara. We made a dash for the door, only to see a figure step out of the corner, blocking the door. We all stopped in the middle of the hallway. “No way”, Jeremy cried. “It can’t be”. This wasn’t Jeff. This figure was much taller. He started singing the same song that Jeff was singing. In the same high pitched voice. “Go to sleep, and goodnight. Go to sleep and goodnight”.

SUDDENLY, somebody grabbed Casara from behind. She screamed in response. Jeff? No, a woman. "Do you want to play in my dollhouse", she said in a high pitched voice. I charged at the woman with the knife in hand, but Casara managed to free herself.

My daughter delivered a straight side kick to the woman’s head, sending her flying through the hallway we came through. We then booked it through the left hallway. The tall figure was sprinting after us.

I looked around for an exit strategy. I saw a fire extinguisher on the wall. I grabbed it and fired the chemical at the man. He stopped and fell to the floor, covering his face in the process. I sprayed the rest of the contents around to create a fog. I dropped it and continued running. We made a dash for a room. It wasn’t locked. We went inside and pressed up against the door. I put my ear against the door.

That man and woman ran past us. They didn’t see us enter here. There was no light in the room. I fumbled around the room for a light switch. I found one. I wish I hadn’t turned it on. Me, Casara and Jeremy greeted by a horrific site. There were five people all sitting in chairs. A man, a woman, and two teenage boys. All African American. Casara covered her mouth to keep herself from screaming. They all appeared to be dead.

Their faces matched that of Jeff. Pale skin, no eyelids, blood red lips smiles carved into their faces. I recognised one of the teeneagers. Billy Klein. The bully that threw acid on Jeff. This was his family. Looks like Jeff got his revenge. Was that sick fuck planning on doing this to me and my family? BANG BANG BANG BANG! We all jumped. Somebody was trying to get into the room.

We all took steps back. I readied the knife. The door swung open. The tall figure was standing outside Suddenly, somebody grabbed Casara from behind. He put his hand over her mouth. “NO”, I screamed. I tried to help her, but the tall figure rushed towards me. He plunged a knife into my abdomen. I moaned in pain. “DAD”, Jeremy screamed. He tried to help me, but was grabbed by the same female that had attacked Casara.

The tall figure pulled the knife out of my abs. I screamed in pain and fell against a wall. I looked at the figure that stood before me. I recognised him. Jeff’s father, Mao. He was alive. His facial features match that of Jeff’s. Pale face, blood red lips, no eyelids, a smile carved into his face. I looked at the woman holding Jeremy. Jeff’s mother, May. The man holding my daughter? Their son Liu.

Jeff’s brother. Same ghostly faces. Mao examined the knife in his hand. My blood was all over it. He ran his finger across the blade and put the blood in his mouth. He then turned around and looked out the door. Jeff walked in. He saw me lying against the wall. He was breathing heavily and looked very angry even with that smile on his face. He walked over and picked up the knife I had taken from him.

He stuck the blade inches away from my eyes. I flinched a little. He pulled the knife away and stood up. He approached my son and ran the knife across his face. Jeff then walked over to Casara and ran the knife across her face.

He then stood before the family sitting in the chairs. "Welcome to my dollhouse, oooh hoo hoo hoo", May said in a creepy, high pitched voice. What happened next made my skin crawl. They all stood up. They were alive. Billy and his family were alive.

Only, they weren’t who they were anymore. They appeared to be shells of their former self. At that moment, I understood everything. Jeff and his family faked their deaths. They kidnapped the Kleins and are now somehow controlling them. And now, Jeff plans on doing the same to my family. And I’m powerless to stop them. Jeff turns back to my daughter. He brushes her hair.

He starts to sing to her. His family and the Kleins join in. Jeff’s voice echoes louder than theirs. “Go to sleep and good night. Go to sleep and goodnight. Close your eyes, lay your head. It’s time to go to bed”. Jeff caresses his knife as he and the others continue singing. “Drift away, into the night. Let the darkness replace the light”. He raises the knife. Casara screams. I let out a loud “NOOOOOOO”. The sound of metal slicing through skin echoes through the air….

I finally found them. It took me a while, but I found them. They were allusive as hell. Moving from place to place. Covering their tracks every which way. A family of psychos. Faked their own deaths. The authorities could never find them. But I did. No one ever escapes from me unless I let them, or they died before I could get to them. I found them, and now they’re mine.

I did my research. Read up on the murders in Franklin, Tennessee. The Disappearances in Jonesborough. Even the urban legends surrounding Jeff The Killer. Except, they weren’t urban legends. They were real. Jeff The Killer was real. And so was his freakshow of a family. I tracked them down to an abandoned asylum on the outskirts of Franklin. It was more like a prison from what I learned. Retrofitted with cast iron cells.

Somebody had bought it a few months ago. Joel Henderson. An alias for Mao Teng. Jeff The Killer’s father. I arrived at the asylum by car. It was a dilapidated building. Hadn’t been used in years. At least, that’s what the public thinks. I did a check of my gear. Automatic shotgun. Assault rifle. M1911 handgun with a silencer. C4. Machete. Everything I needed. I entered the building through a window.

I had to use stealth at first so I wouldn’t get any possible prisoners killed. I pulled out my cell. A map of the building came up. I was in the infirmary. Screams suddenly rang out. There were prisoners here. The screams were coming from the main entrance. Not too far from where I was. I ran through the double doors. I followed the route to the main entrance.

I cut through some hallways. I encountered some locked doors. My handgun did the trick on some of them. I did a check of my map. The main entrance was around the corner. I burst through some double doors and entered the main hallway. I heard a kid yell “DAD”. It came from the north. I ran in the direction of the kid’s voice. I started hearing singing. “Go to sleep, and goodnight. Go to sleep and goodnight”.

Jeff The Killer’s signature song. It was coming from a room up ahead. I ran up to a wall outside the room and peaked inside. There he was. Him and his freak show family. Along with their indoctrinated puppets. There was no saving them. They had three hostages. A man lying against a wall with a stab wound in his abdomen, a teenage girl and a twelve year old boy.

The girl was being held by Liu, Jeff’s brother. Jeff approached the girl with his knife. He brushed her hair, and raised the knife while singing the entire time. “Drift away, into the night. Let the darkness replace the light”. I pulled out my machete and charged into the room. The girl screamed. The man on the floor shouted “NOOOOOO”! I swung my machete at Jeff’s arm, slicing the hand with the knife clean off.

Blood spewed out of the wound. Some of it covered the girl. Jeff looked at his hand in shocked. Those eyes of his as wide as ever. He clutched his arm and started laughing in pain. “Hah hah hah hah hah ha. AAAAAGH”. I aimed my gun at Liu and shot him in the head. Blood shot out the back of the head as he fell to the ground and released his grip on the girl.

Jeff’s mother May, who was holding the boy hostage, screamed at her fallen son. I shot that bitch in the head, too Mao charged at me with his knife I swung my machete at him, slicing his head clean off. The indoctrinated family charged at me. I took my shotgun and blasted away. I sent Jeff’s bully Billy Klein flying against a wall. I shot his father in the head. His mother in the stomach. I turned his brother into fertilizer.

All that remained was Jeff. He was looking at me while holding the stump where his hand used to be.He charged at me. “GO TO SLEEP”, he cried. I grabbed him and threw him against a wall. I delivered some rapid fire haymakers to his head. I slammed his head the wall. I threw him to the ground. I dragged him to the doorway and began to repeatedly smash his head with the door.

The hostages watched as I turned Jeff’s head into mulch. I slammed the door on Jeff’s head one last time. His lifeless body rolled over. I sighed and looked at the family. They all had looks of shock on their faces. I offered my hand to the man on the ground. He took it, and I helped him up. He cried in pain. “It’s okay”, I assured him. “I gotcha”. I put his arm around my shoulder and began to walk him out.

Suddenly, Jeff started singing in a choked voice. “Go.. *chokes*.. to… sleep, and *chokes* goodnight. Close your *chokes* eyes and….” BANG! I blew the remains of Jeff’s head off with my shotgun. “Goodnight, Jeff”, I said to him. I put my shotgun away and put the male hostage’s arm back around my shoulder. I motioned for his children to follow me.

We walked out into the hall and towards the exit. “Thank you”, the male hostage said. “I owe you one. I’m Tyler, This is Casara and Jeremy”. “Don’t thank me yet”, told him .”I’ll let you know when it’s time”. We all walked outside the building. I helped Tyler to my car and set him down. I examined the stab wound in his abdomen. “It’s not bad”, I told him. “No infection. Eight stitches tops. Or”. I pulled out a meat presser from my trunk. “The fast way”, I told him.

He nodded in agreement. I heated the presser up with a blowtorch and pressed it against the man’s abs. He clenched in pain as the presser singed his flesh. “All done”, I said. “Now can I thank you”, he asked me. “Almost”, I replied. I handed Tyler my shotgun. “You know how to use this”, I asked him. He nodded and took my shotgun. “I’m going back in”, I told Tyler.

“If you see anything with a pale face and a big smile, put em down”. “I can use a gun too”, Casara said. “Same here”, Jeremy added. I handed them both pistols. “I’ll be back in twenty”, I assured them. “Here, take these”, Tyler said. He threw me a set of keys. I caught them and nodded. I walked back into the building with my assault rifle drawn. I entered the main hall.

I pulled up the map on my phone and headed towards the cells. I unlocked the first cell I saw. I opened the door and entered the room. Just as I thought. More indoctrinated were inside the cells. They looked at me with their pale faces and wide eyes. They screamed at me and charged. “GO TO SLEEP”, they yelled. I unloaded my machine gun on them. I did this for three more cells. After about twenty minutes, I joined Tyler and his family.

“Time to go”, I told them. We got into my car and drove off. About five minutes out, I pulled out a detonator and pressed the button. The asylum went up in a massive explosion. Tyler and his family looked back in shock. “Now you can thank me”, I told them.

So that’s my story. That’s what me and my family went through six months ago.. The man that had saved us dropped us off at the nearest hospital. He didn’t stick around. The police weren’t too fond of him. I called my wife and the police and let them know that me, Jeremy and Casara were okay. Jessica showed up at the hospital an hour later. She hugged us harder than she had before.

I had never seen her cry that hard before. I told her everything we went through. About Jeff. About the man that saved us. About why he had to destroy the asylum. I gave the police the evidence he had given me. A piece of equipment used in indoctrination. After all that me and my family went through, I was ready to go home and get back to my normal life.

I still think about the people that died that night. Jeff’s victims. I wish I could have saved them. I still think about the man that saved us. We all do. Hell, Casara has a crush on him. He’s still out there. He’s considered a vigilante by the authorities. A murderer. And rightfully so But the truth is, he’s a hero. He does the things that others aren’t willing to do. He crosses the line so that others don’t have to.

No shades of gray. No black and white. He does the wrong things for the right reasons. He’s a symbol. Embodied by the skull on his chest. Frank Castle. The Punisher.

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