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 danger time ii
 Posted: Jan 14 2012, 07:27 AM

Either the best or worst knight ever.

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>Tell Madness that if the Mother succeeds, it will definitely be alone. Hold off on attacking.

She looks down, and shakes her head.

"Please. I don't want you to be alone, either. Help us stop her. Help us, so when she shows up...maybe we can make things better. Make her less upset. Please, Pandora."

She lifts up her swords...and then impales herself on them.

Her arms melt away, as do the blades, including the one you're holding--though your original sword stays on the ground where you left it.

Hope is lying on the ground. Looks like she's unconscious.

"What...what will we do with her?" Athena asks.

You kneel down and sheath your sword, walk over to Hope and pick her up in your arms.

"We keep her safe." You say. "We have her tell us everything she can about her we can be ready. So we can keep her from destroying everything. We have...a world to rebuild. It's being built all around us, especially here. We're not going to lose it now.

"I guess we've been in danger...the whole human race...since she's been dug up. And the time for danger's not going to pass until Pandora's Mother is dealt with...however the hell we're going to do it.

"But for now? I guess we'll just live. Let her see what it's like to not be alone anymore."

And with that, with the sun at your face and the Excavation at your back, you head back to your friends.

For now, your quest is over.

Five days ago, you woke into a world of danger.

Right now, today, with a dying GOD's Hope resting safely in your arms,

You're going to finally start living in it.

danger time ii

the end

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 Posted: Jan 14 2012, 08:46 AM


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