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Posted by: DJay32 Feb 6 2012, 07:23 AM
So then. Topography Genera Center East. Oh god. I made this thread because I love making threads and also because I want to figure out where the story will go. And I don't just mean "figure out a vague direction," I mean I want to figure eeeeeverything out. ..roughly. 'Cause I realize that Testing in Progress and Administry for a Cause wound up being really solid stories because I had a very definite idea for them before I wrote them. And some of my best Rapture logs are the ones that I had been planning for a long time. Hell, the main reason Act III is so hard for me to write is because all my plans are for Act IV. xD

SO. What I was thinking, actually, was to sort of have a mini "story" for each movement, with the EAT, Newborn, and Grotesque arcs being only hinted at until the climax of the whole story.

One of the movements, prolly around halfway through, I want to have Len framed for something and thrown in jail. And he'd have a movement of not posting, then a movement of hunting after whoever framed him. if the overall story is of the Genera and everything, we're gonna want themes of oppression from the higher-ups, themes of the higher-ups being a little 'off,' and.. and stuff. And of course, constant hints of a fear of the future. That's the most common motif I want in this.

I think it may even be neat to have a movement focusing on slendy.

..I guess I should give examples of what a "mini story" could be.

ONE MOVEMENT COULD BE, FOR INSTANCE: A string of murders somewhere! Doctor Cloud posts results of forensic research, Duchess does.. whatever Duchess does, and Len posts more general information like "News reports saying all this shit and whatever." And then eventually, it'd be revealed which Fossil it is, and it turns out the Fossil has some details that weren't in the Fossil records, or something really shocking. So they try to talk to the higher-ups about it, but "That is unconfirmed" and all this shit, and the movement would end with the protagonists further doubting the higher-ups.

Somewhere towards the halfway point of the whole blog, the protagonists would hereby declare that the higher-ups are really up to something, and we'd have the latter half focusing more on the actual higher-ups. And there'd be so many revelations and stuff.

Posted by: alliterator Feb 6 2012, 07:45 AM
Sounds good.

We've been talking about the Newborn's servants, the Towerborn and the Thoughtborn. And our plot was that the Genera was trying to build a new body for the Newborn, one that was sustainable.

However, with the addition of the Towerborn and the Thoughtborn, I think we can have a new plot: the uploading of minds into immortal bodies. Immortality is actually what Doctor Cloud's main goal is - his blog's url is "the carriage held but just ourselves" which comes from an Emily Dickenson poem:
Because I could not stop for Death,
He kindly stopped for me.
The carriage held but just ourselves
And Immortality

So Doctor Cloud and the higher ups know about the Towerborn and the Thoughtborn - holding back that information - and are trying to combine them together so that they can transfer their minds into immortal bodies.

How do you like that plotline?

Posted by: DJay32 Feb 6 2012, 08:45 AM
I dunno how I feel about Doctor Cloud being one of the antagonists, but I'll definitely consider that. Then again, I guess they're not exactly 'antagonists' as there are hardly just two sides to this story. There's so many different Fears, each with their own apocalypse to bring.

..then again, maybe their goal is just to bring their minds into immortal bodies, like the Cybermen, but little do they know the Newborn is playing them for fools and will use them to make a body for itself, whereupon it will grow and kill everyone?

..that actually sounds vaguely similar to EAT.

Posted by: alliterator Feb 6 2012, 03:17 PM
Yeah, they don't really want to kill anyone, they only want to discover immortality. So not antagonist, more...okay, kind of antagonist.

But then again, it can change. Perhaps Doctor Cloud doesn't know about this plan. But I've always seen Cloud is kind of morally dubious, so I don't know what he would say when he found out.

Posted by: DJay32 Feb 26 2012, 10:03 AM
So HELP is not just relaunching, but it is down. If you go to now, it looks like it was Camperfied.

I had an idea. What if I started up the new Topography Genera Center North blog, establishing it as a sort of new-era Topography of Thought (but with more of an actual plot instead of just the vague mess Thought was), and what if I put Andrew Rogers as the particular Camper running it?

This made me think more, and I got the idea of Liquid Len looking into the fall of HELP, and getting into contact with wiseaufan01. Yep, that wiseaufan01. Len would be sent the two videos of HELP, making him go to the higher-ups and submit this as evidence of FT-HADES actually doing shit. Topography Genera would then focus on FT-HADES for the first movement, or at least set things up.

When North is completely ready, we'd have Len bring it up and be all confused and whatnot, only to also start reading Jordan Eats, and this is where EAT would be properly introduced.

Therefore, Topography Genera should be a wide collection of blogs all connected by the rise of EAT and the presence and eventual fall of the Topography Genera Center. There should be a good number of blogs that are Camperfied (we'd really just need the "This blog has been removed" screens), and a good number that are completely fine (like Testing in Progress and whatnot). This would expand upon the themes established in the early Jordan Eats entries and expand upon the entire 'verse, itself.

..well, the blogs of Topography Genera can also involve the rise of FT-HOMUNCULI, just so they don't all have to be EAT-related. As for Duchess' arc, I think it'd probably work best if that was just expanded upon by the dream mythos and what we already have planned. I don't think Jane will be available to write fully-expansive blog posts all the time. I mean, who knows? If done well, the Duchess arc can be one of the most memorable parts of the story even if it's the smallest.

How does all that sound?

Posted by: alliterator Feb 26 2012, 12:49 PM
That sounds good to me.

I have to figure out what to post next for Doctor Cloud. Do you know when we're revealing the news report about the HOMUNCULI test subject?

Posted by: DJay32 Feb 26 2012, 01:16 PM
It depends on when you want to progress the plot, I guess. I mean, if you want me to release it now, I can do that.

Posted by: alliterator Feb 26 2012, 02:37 PM
Let me think more about the plot and I'll let you know. Thanks.

Posted by: DJay32 Mar 7 2012, 03:38 AM
Topography Genera Center North has launched.

Let me try to get this straight on paper: This is the second blog that has been labelled Topography Genera Center North, the first one being shown in screenshots at the end of The Topography of Thought, which is now down and is also what this is the successor to. It is being posted in by "The Camper Velourium," also known as Andrew Rogers, who was the blogger for HELP which is now down and was the same account as Weathered Crashes of The Topography of Thought which is also down. And now Andrew is a Camper somehow just like how Weathered was a Camper. It is a companion to Topography Genera Center East which is the successor to Jordan Eats, so much as having the protagonists essentially be parallels. North parallels East while both blogs also parallels their predecessors, and North takes place in the same facility as Testing in Progress and Administry for a Cause did, two blogs which were also companion blogs and were technically posted on the same account and expanded upon themes established in Jordan Eats.

I FUCKING LOVE BEING THIS CONFUSING. The world of Topography Genera is filled with parallels and specular reflection and parallaxes. Hell, The Parallels is technically in its universe, and that's basically a parody of my own writing.

So, in English, The Camper Velourium was EAT's attempt at being genre-savvy. After all, the EAT in Jordan Eats tried to be genre-savvy many times and tried to pull a Mister Charles of its own, but I wasn't sure how to pull it off. So this is basically that. ..see, The Camper Velourium is EAT saying "I need a single Camper to be my spokesperson, but actually that's impractical, I'm only doing this to fuck with people's heads."

After all, Topography Genera so far has been about taking everything I tried to do with EAT before and.. well, doing it well for a change!

..where was I going with this. I kinda just wanted to tell you what the point of the blog was. But I still want to do even more blogs and bah.

RIGHT, RIGHT, Genera Center East's first movement. This'll just be "HELLO, I AM EAT, THIS IS THE ARCHANGEL, THAT'S THE NEWBORN, HOW MAY I HELP YOU?" I'll make some posts of Liquid Len talking about FT-HADES, see. And.. yeah. I don't quite know where the overall finale for the movement will be, but I'm thinking it's gotta be something awesome, a real Wham Episode.

Hm, continuing on the themes of being a parallel to Jordan Eats, that one's first movement ended with Jordan having a visit to the doctor and being told to talk to a J. LaBrie! So this one should end with Len seeing Doctor Cloud and being recommended to J. LaBrie, who in this case is a Genera.... higher-up of sorts. J. LaBrie is someone who I GOT IT I GOT IT

For the finale of movement one, Len will be all "WHAT THE FUCK, THE HIGHER-UPS ARE TELLING ME EAT DOESN'T EXIST BUT I HAVE ALL THESE BLOGS HERE TO PROVE IT." And he'll see Doctor Cloud about it, and Cloud'll be all "There was this former Genera operative, codenamed J. LaBrie, who also thought this Fossil existed, but he has since been relieved of duty and can be found in this place I am telling you right now." And so the proper finale will be Len visiting LaBrie.

At least, that's for Len's arc. Then movement two will start with some official mentions of Duchess' dreams. How's that?

Posted by: alliterator Mar 7 2012, 04:17 AM

The end of Act One for Cloud is coming soon, I think. I'll go with the news report, then reporting to higher ups about the Subtype DESCARTES and Subtype TURING and finding out that they already know about them. And then it's them assigning him to Project GALATEA, which is making a new type of Towerborn.

Posted by: DJay32 Mar 10 2012, 03:33 AM
I'm sure we've said this already, but I want to make sure it's still understood:

The incidents at Topography Genera Center North are, as yet, classified. Our characters do not know about them, and any comments referencing them on our blogs must be considered as just comments and nothing to reply to.

The Genera, after all, claims no affiliation with the dozens of first-hand reports dubbed "Fearblogs." The Genera only believes what it has proven, not what people say in the comments.

EDIT: Also, I doubt, by any chance, you know a way we could set up an "answering machine" for Doctor Cloud, do you? I could probably find an actor for it, but first I'd want to know if you think Doctor Cloud could use one. I mean, we've assigned Allanbag to voice Doctor Walls, but when the hell is Doctor Walls gonna speak? o_o

I had the idea of, like.. setting it up so the conversations you document on the blog get shown on, like, a tape recorder or something. But I'd still need a Doctor Cloud actor. Do you think I should look for one?

Posted by: alliterator Mar 10 2012, 04:34 AM
I don't know, maybe. It would be kind of weird to hear someone else voice my character. Even though I voice a different character. (Perhaps I could try a different voice?)

Anyway, I know that EAT / Camper / North Center are all unknown. In fact, I responded to proxiehunter's comment with this:
I have absolutely no idea what you are referring to. I was calling Doctor Walls "cold" in a metaphorical sense; he is neither cold nor damp in the physical sense. And even if he was, I fail to see how your advice would in any way help me.

Perhaps this is why he requested I share the information? To see how you respond, in this case, with senseless gibberish. Oh well.

Posted by: DJay32 Mar 10 2012, 04:44 AM
Well, if you want to audition for your own part, go for it.

"Hello, you have reached the Topography Genera Center East Blog Management Committee; this is Health and Security leading officer Doctor Cloud. We're swamped right now or otherwise busy in a classified manner, so feel free to leave a message at the tone."

Posted by: alliterator Mar 10 2012, 04:53 AM
So I, uh, changed the pitch so I doesn't quite sound like me.

Posted by: DJay32 Mar 10 2012, 04:58 AM
I hate to say it, man, but that still sounds too much like the "Ian Manning/Camper" voice. Can you make it any deeper without entering narm territory?

Posted by: alliterator Mar 10 2012, 05:04 AM I deepened it a little and made the tempo quicker. I hope that works - any deeper and it sounds like it was made intentionally deep.

If it doesn't work, that's fine; you can find someone else to voice the answering machine. I'm okay with that.

Posted by: DJay32 Mar 10 2012, 05:08 AM
I'll keep this one saved, and.. we'll see where it goes from here. I'll let you know if I use this.

Posted by: DJay32 Apr 18 2012, 03:34 AM

- Get Jane to send in a Duchess answering machine message, because we have two Blackcap messages from.. I believe that's Parakus, that are both for Duchess.

- Upload more of the Mordecai messages.

- Fossil posts. I'm beginning to think we should just skip these altogether. xD

- The HELP investigation. What is it supposed to reveal?

- That one site I made for the North branch. God, yes, I'm glad I made it, but I just.. gah, I don't have the patience to keep logging into Firefox whenever I want to update it. I guess I can leave that one for a bit.

- Figure out what the story was for this thing. Then wrap up the first movement just so I can say I'm making progress.


Liquid Len: Bones.
Duchess: Cadet (probably).
Doctor Cloud: ??? (alliterator, you are still an option, but considering your voice was also used for your test subjects, I don't think we should use you.)

Mordecai: Somnam.
Blackcap: Parakus.
Doctor Walls: Allanbag.

Ian Manning (Camper): alliterator.
Selkie: Love.
Lazarus: Foolamancer.
Test subject things (Homunculi): alliterator.

We have no shortage on voice actors, for the record. If ever you think you have a scene that you'd like done in audio, we'll prolly make a separate thread for that kind of thing, but basically, it'll most likely be done in audio! :D

In fact, I'm gonna make a separate thread for this now, a basic list of characters.

Posted by: alliterator Apr 18 2012, 04:02 AM
I still think you should do the Fossil posts, if only because I want to reveal all the names we gave them. But they shouldn't be the main thing - that's the HELP plot and the missing website and the slowly revealing Camper takeover of the Genera centers.

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 1 2012, 03:57 AM
HELP won't reveal anything. Not by itself. HELP is merely there to introduce to the reader that FT-HADES is up to something.

I should make another Hades-blog that would reveal more, and Liquid Len would find it and post about it. Yes. Okay, I'm starting to really figure this out. In the meantime, my last question is "When do I want Liquid Len to make a big deal about EAT and get Doctor Cloud to point him to J. LaBrie?" Do I want to expand a bit more on HADES first or should I just go and end the first movement already?

Posted by: alliterator Jun 1 2012, 04:10 AM
I don't know. If you want, you can concentrate on HADES on the other blog and then on EAT on the main blog.

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 1 2012, 06:39 AM
I'm getting to work on the Hades-blog. It'll be called Hell and Earth, and it's basically just posting fictional scripture until Hades shows up and kills the blogger.

In the meantime, we need to get cracking and figure out exactly what our Fossils are trying to do.

EAT's ultimate goal is to make every human a Camper, and at this current stage, it has a lot of influential powers in the Genera. EAT wants the Genera to become properly government-funded, EAT wants to become the world's new government., I just pictured a scene of, like, a Camper-higher-up greeting a big-time government official and then giving an awesome "YOU ARE NOW A CAMPER" speech. I then went "Oh, but this could never happen realistically with Liquid Len blogging," but then I realized that's why Topography Genera has multiple blogs. Stuff like that could actually happen in this story.

I'm picturing this story becoming, like, freaking Harold Saxon-esque in the later movements, y'know?

ANYWAY. EAT wants to do things like this, so EAT has to hatch a complicated plan that will be hinted at and slowly revealed throughout the story.

THE SIX DEGREES OF INNER CORRUPTION (or some other word that is like turbulence)

First degree: Assemble five Night Owls per branch (we'll say EAT has almost accomplished this by now)
Second degree: Get FT-HADES on her side (this will be happening behind the scenes, staged in a way that it simply looks like HADES doing strange things)
Third degree: Get FT-CREMATOR on her side
Fourth degree: Get FT-SELKIE out of the way
Fifth degree: Launch project DGLGMUT
Sixth degree: Get a Camper into the corresponding governments of the countries of each branch of the Genera (US, UK, Greenland, Australia)

Now, of course, the degrees will be far more complicated than just that and each will have many complications and everything, but that's just the basic rough draft outline thing.

SO, what's Project DGLGMUT? I still think this should be an artificial Fossil. EAT would be making this as a sort of.. The Dragon, a new "Fear of being controlled" after Selkie's out of the way. Except one that obeys EAT. Like the Toclafane from the aforementioned Harold Saxon serial of Doctor Who, y'know?

So. We have the Six Degrees there, plenty to do with that in terms of foreshadowing. I want there to be some kind of Twelve-Step thing as well. ..I could probably switch those six degrees to being a twelve-step process of conquering the world, and the six degrees would be a coalition of Fossils (Hades, Cremator, [grotesque], Homunculi, EAT, some sixth one) that are working together for the sake of making their own goals easier.

I dunno, I'm saying a lot now. I'll shut up and see if you have any opinions. And feel free to sum up what the Homunculi's trying to do. Feel free to be as exact and final as you want; it'll help in the long run to figure out the exact plans.

Posted by: alliterator Jun 1 2012, 06:43 AM
I think HOMUNCULI would be an ally of EAT, since it also seeks out knowledge (with it's Thoughtborn). I'm going to be doing something with Subject FTH00008, where it won't be just a regular Towerborn, but something called a Towerchilde.

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 1 2012, 12:25 PM Called Hell and Earth. I pretty much made up my own little scriptures about Hades and stuff.

Posted by: alliterator Jun 1 2012, 01:07 PM
Very interesting. The only complaint I have is that it's not the Book of Revelations, it's the (note the singular), also called the "Revelation of Saint John." But that's just a pet peeve of mine.

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 1 2012, 01:09 PM
Consider it fixed!

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 1 2012, 07:48 PM
Hell and Earth is up. Now, the last part of the first movement will be the whole "J. LaBrie" incident. Which I want to plan out.

1) Post or two piquing Liquid Len's (and the reader's) interest in EAT.
2) Messages of the higher-ups calling Len crazy or something, Doctor Cloud recommending him to go visit J. LaBrie, who was once a test subject or something or other. He was a medical officer who also claimed this thing was a Fossil before being fired.
3) The J. LaBrie incident.

I want this to be something that makes the reader fascinated. I'm talking hooked, wanting to read on. I'm worried that I've been focusing too much on world-building and setting up the atmosphere and setting that I haven't been giving people enough scares and all that. Then again, they have you for that.

WHICH REMINDS ME, I'd like it if you could make a simple post on the Center East blog basically giving a vague update (up to act 2 or whatever it is you're up to by this exact date) on The Supernatural Anaesthetist. Like "oh hey Liquid Len's being a weirdy, I'm doing just fine except for all my test subjects are dead except this one guy." And a link to the blog.

My reasoning behind that update would be for the long-run, when the entire Topography Genera is over, I want readers reading through Center East in its entirety to find the other blogs to be sorta like.. sorta like how novels often switch to different viewpoint protagonists for chapters. So the reader would read through the overture of Center East, then get the link to Cloud's blog and read through up to the end of act 1, and then read movement one of East and then get this link prompting them to read act 2. And of course, it'd really just be optional, not necessarily vital to the main story. But still important.

I'm half-asleep!

RIGHT, J. LaBrie incident. Scare.

The talk could be in LaBrie's home and maybe feature another Fossil appearing and fucking shit up. Or it could take place in Hell's Kitchen somewhere (maybe the higher-ups locked LaBrie up because he knew too much about EAT)-- OOH WHAT IF what if Len is sent on a wild goose chase to talk with who he thinks is LaBrie in some old shack but it turns out that was just a fake to get Len to stop asking about EAT? And the real LaBrie is in Hell's Kitchen, not to be found until later.

And this fake would be a sort of unperson, wiped by Cremator and brainwashed by the Genera to believe his name is "J. LaBrie" and that he was legally insane and the "new Fossil" was all in his head. AND ALL THROUGHOUT THE CONVERSATION, HE'D OCCASIONALLY STOP NERVOUSLY, OR SOMETIMES HE'D BRIEFLY MENTION SOMEONE IN THE NEXT ROOM AND AT THE END OF THE CONVERSATION, HE'D MENTION "THE CREMATOR" BUT THEN SOMETHING WOULD HAPPEN AND HE'D BE DEAD

God, all these ideas. I like this idea. Too narmy, or do you think it could work? It'd be an audio conversation, of course. I've been setting those up for a reason.

Posted by: alliterator Jun 1 2012, 08:01 PM
This is all sounds really good.

Once I finished the current storyline today on Dr. Cloud's blog, I'll post on update on Center East. I just want to make sure that it's up to date - I know you backdate your posts, so I was backdating mine as well and I don't want to make a post that's current when I'm still backdating stuff.

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 1 2012, 08:05 PM
Oh, I was trying to backdate my posts too. But then I realized I had all the posts of Hell and Earth posted today and not backdated, so I just decided to screw it and bend things a little. Take your time!

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 5 2012, 09:06 AM

Okay, this idea comes from the likes of MOTHER 3's Ultimate Chimera, the SCP Foundation little game thing that was released that one time, and a lot of other horror works.

WHAT IF THERE'S A PART IN THE STORY, say movement four or five or six, WHERE THE PROTAGONISTS ARE TRAPPED IN THE GENERA WITH A FOSSIL THAT ESCAPED? I was thinking it could be "FT-DGLGMUT" (as well as some Fossils that actually wouldn't harm people but the Genera workers would think these Fossils are the bad ones and then BAM, FT-DGLGMUT is introduced and scares the shit out of everybody).

..okay yep wow that's a great idea, I want to do this. Of course, it wouldn't be for a long time, but I just wanted to get it down on paper before I forgot it.


First, Jane plans on giving me the login to Duchess' account because she most likely won't be able to write more. So I've been tossing around ideas, and what if Duchess dies? Specifically, what if Duchess, for whatever reason, goes into a Door? She could parallel Nathan going into a Door in Jordan Eats and be the turning point for a lot of things, and then Liquid Len would be better than his predecessor and not go in a Door no matter how much he may want to grieve for her.

AND THEN I had a third idea.

What if, and bear with me because this is big, what if.. Doctor Cloud dies, too? Specifically, what if Duchess dies somewhere around movement three/four, and Doctor Cloud dies at the end of the fifth movement? He'd prevent FT-HOMUNCULI and then be killed by FT-DGLGMUT in the freaky sequence. And this would coincide with how The Supernatural Anaesthetist has five acts.

Liquid Len would keep going for the last three movements (we'd probably have more characters by this point anyway), and whether he dies at the end or is still alive and provides a hopeful ending is up to where we go with this.

How does that sound?

Posted by: alliterator Jun 5 2012, 01:55 PM
That sounds really good actually.

Duchess could go into into a Door to escape the Grotesque - the Empty City would be the only place where she could dream without it, even though she's giving up her life.

And I like the concept of Cloud giving up his life to stop HOMUNCULI - he's evolving from the simple "For Science!" person into someone who cares.

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 5 2012, 02:17 PM

What if FT-DGLGMUT is essentially stored as a weapon, a last-resort for EAT to use when something really bad's happening? Let me rephrase that: So Doctor Cloud knows how to stop FT-HOMUNCULI. And he blogs this, blogs that he's going to stay late in the Genera the next day to do hard work and stop that crazy Fossil. And this lets EAT know. So the Night Owls take this as the cue to set a lot of Fossils loose, which distract people so they don't expect fucking Dglgmut there to kill people. And Dglgmut's entire purpose in this scenario would be to kill Doctor Cloud before he stops the Homunculi. Of course, Doctor Cloud succeeds just in time, but then he's killed.

That way, we can allow for a pretty legitimately suspenseful scene with the reader wondering if Doctor Cloud's gonna make it in time. And then we'll have Dglgmut loose for about another movement or two, a sort of The Dragon that Liquid Len will figure out some kind of method for defeating.

Now all I need to do is actually figure out what FT-DGLGMUT will look like and whatnot.

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 8 2012, 12:43 PM
Movement II of the main Topography Genera story will focus more on Duchess. I'll be getting pullingoffmasks to record more stuff for this, and I'll see if Jane can give me that blogger login.

What do I want to have happen here, good question.

Around the start, Duchess will receive a message from the higher-ups (probably Blackcap) saying she's been promoted to blogging from FRED or whatever we said that thing's name was.

Throughout the latter half of the first movement, Duchess will have been interviewed by Doctor Cloud, and she will have described her dreams. And these will have been recorded. The recordings will be declassified progressively throughout the movement, with FT-(Grotesque/Reverie) being properly introduced around the end of the second movement.

This movement will also be spent with characters wondering why Duchess was promoted because of her dreams. They'll find out about this new Fossil classification, and then right at the end of the second movement, we'll get either a character saying or a report stating that Duchess is planned for an Op-Salad. And that'll be a brilliant Wham Line to end the movement on. (The third movement will focus more on getting Duchess out of this, and she'll walk into a Door either halfway through or around the end)

So. That means we/some combination of us need to figure out Duchess' dreams. And the Fossil name for Grotesque, which we might already have but I've forgotten.

And I should figure out what Liquid Len will be doing for this movement! I was thinking maybe he'd be trying to be quiet because he's worried-- OH I GOT IT

Towards the start of the second movement (if not the start), Liquid Len receives a message from the Night Owls threatening him to basically shut up and stop investigating. I kinda want to get Allanbag to do this as Doctor Walls (but voice modified), but I don't know if he's even around anymore. And so, with this threat, all that Len does for this movement is post (coincidentally symbolic) songs and Fossil research and blogs.

Speaking of, I plan on posting Testing in Progress and Administry for a Cause in this movement as well., but where could that possibly fit in. I mean, as soon as Len reads the blogs, he's gonna realize this means EAT has seriously taken over the North branch, and that's gonna be a major sign that something's wrong. Maybe he'd post them-- OH WAIT WAIT I GOT IT.

Around the start, Mordecai leaves a message saying "Stop with the fucking requests, EAT is not our problem." This worries Len, so he voluntarily shuts up a bit. But then he finds those two blogs and posts them on the main blog, doesn't know what to think at all, and then the Night Owl sends him a message threatening him to shut up. So he does.

There, I'm pretty damn proud of that plan. I think it sounds good. I'll make a separate thread for-- wait no, I'll just put the dream stuff in the Duchess thread. :D

EDIT: Also, because I really love coming up with movement names, I have a couple names in mind for this one. "ASCENDING THE RANKS," "PROMOTION," "SLEEP INSANE," "OFFICIAL BUSINESS."

Posted by: alliterator Jun 8 2012, 02:08 PM
I like the name "OFFICIAL BUSINESS." It has a sinister air to it.

The next act for Doctor Cloud is called "Observer Effects." It'll have him researching into new Fossil classifications, as well as trying to figure out what the Night Owls are and what to do about the Tower's upcoming apocalypse. I don't quite know how that one will end though, so it can easily go for much longer than Act Two and synchronize up with the East blog.

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 8 2012, 02:27 PM
On one hand, I'd like for the new Fossil classifications to be revealed on the main blog, as well as what the Night Owls are. But I can let you do the Fossil classifications as long as I can do the Night Owls. I don't plan on revealing it for a while, though.

Maybe Doctor Cloud finds out that Night Owls are simply "Moles." That's all that's said about them.

I dunno, I just have this idealistic plan of having the entire Topography Genera something you can read from start to finish simply by starting with the start of Center East and clicking any links to blogs that are presented. So The Supernatural Anaesthetist would be more of an extension of this, not exactly going over plot points that will be revealed on Center East, but extending on the plot points that aren't.

Going by this design, when you do give a Cloud update and post a link to Anaesthetist, I'd advise making sure the link goes to the post at the start of Act Two or something. Because that way, it's really almost like the reader just turned a page in the overall Genera book and wound up at a new chapter from a different viewpoint; all they have to do is keep pressing the arrow keys to read the next post. <:D I've been experimenting with how to tell the story like this, in the most linear and coherent way possible. But if all else fails, we can just stick to handing out links on the collective Tumblr.

Posted by: alliterator Jun 9 2012, 05:26 PM
Okay, Act Three of "The Supernatural Anaesthetist" should line up with Act Two of "Topography Genera Center East."

Each will be about new classifications of Fossils: SHALOTT and the Reverie (which we don't have a Fossil name for yet - how about RESTLESS?).

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 9 2012, 07:13 PM
QUOTE (alliterator @ Jun 9 2012, 06:26 PM)
Okay, Act Three of "The Supernatural Anaesthetist" should line up with Act Two of "Topography Genera Center East."

Each will be about new classifications of Fossils: SHALOTT and the Reverie (which we don't have a Fossil name for yet - how about RESTLESS?).

ANABOLIC, LOTUS (lotus eater), DEEPER, SURREALISM, RUDESS (named after Jordan Rudess, the keyboardist for Dream Theater, I don't know! xD), DRIFTING, DRIFTER, CABINET, CALIGARI.

Off the top of my head. Any sound good? ..I'd suggest REVERIE but that's obvious. Which is a shame; I love that word.

Posted by: alliterator Jun 9 2012, 10:46 PM
How about Fossil-Type LOTUS-EATER?

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 9 2012, 11:06 PM
QUOTE (alliterator @ Jun 9 2012, 11:46 PM)
How about Fossil-Type LOTUS-EATER?

I was thinking that. It can work. There'd be a space, no hyphen. But for one thing, it'd be rather similar to "EAT," and just calling it FT-LOTUS sounds fine to me. But I'm fine with whichever you choose.

Posted by: alliterator Jun 9 2012, 11:15 PM
I'm good with FT-LOTUS. Alternately, we could call them LOTOPHAGI. It still means 'lotus eater.'

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 10 2012, 12:43 AM
QUOTE (alliterator @ Jun 10 2012, 12:15 AM)
I'm good with FT-LOTUS. Alternately, we could call them LOTOPHAGI. It still means 'lotus eater.'

Maybe LOTOPHAGI is the super-official Fossil name and most people shorten it to "Lotus."

Posted by: alliterator Jun 10 2012, 12:46 AM
That's good.

Posted by: DJay32 Jul 31 2012, 05:51 AM
So after looking into I've come to think quite a bit about what it means to have movements in a work like this.

I kinda really like the idea of a movement standing by itself, though of course it's referring more to musically, so a movement of Topography Genera by itself would just have to be structurally standalone and ignore me I'm rambling.

But then there was a bit about how movements are usually organized to have contrast, like fast-slow-fast or otherwise thematically arranged. And so I've basically come to realize we're gonna have some slower movements of Topography Genera (that is, with a focus on characterization and developing concepts) as well as some faster ones (EXCITING). And this works pretty well with the story so far: The first movement was fairly 'fast' (in that there was a lot of action), and this second movement so far has been pretty 'slow' (in that it's been developing things). yeah. Basically, this post is to officially say we can have slow movements. And I dunno, it's just interesting stuff to think about for me.

Posted by: DJay32 Dec 9 2012, 03:28 AM

I don't quite know what blog to tie it in with yet, and it's more of just a teaser introduction anyway, so I'll keep it quiet for now. I'm gonna get my friends involved, as well as Nathan and Kit when they get here on Wednesday.

Posted by: DJay32 Dec 9 2012, 10:03 PM

It's hard to see, hard to hear, and hard to even follow. We originally were doing it in the harbour where it was much easier to see, but then this really big guy came by and thought a real fight was going on and so we kinda ran away scared.

I tried to make St. Anger be a musical sort of Arc Word of sorts because we intend on having The Brute (or whatever it is we called him) in this somewhere. And the thing the people say halfway through is "Hello, Christopher Daniels." Because they're Camper.

Posted by: alliterator Dec 10 2012, 01:20 AM
It was dark and hard to see, but that I think made it creepy. I like it, especially when we see the Camper.

Posted by: DJay32 Mar 15 2013, 06:17 PM
IMPORTANT EVENTS TO FORESHADOW (as well as when they will happen in the narrative), IN REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER

- FALL OF THE GENERA (movement eight). EAT will be defeated for the most part at the end of the story. At the very least, it will be hindered significantly enough to not be a threat for a while. It will be defeated by Fossils. Probably a combination of FT-CREMATOR, FT-BIRCHMAN, and some others.

- AD A DGLGMUT (movement five). Can be foreshadowed with any cryptic talk of artificial Fossils or with any hints of the higher-ups wanting FT-PASSACAGLIA for anything.
Related: It'd be important to figure out how Dglgmut will be defeated (movement six/seven/eight) well in advance, since Doctor Cloud will be the one to install the weakness just before he dies (movement five). Bear in mind that Dglgmut is basically the end goal of FT-HOMUNCULI, so maybe we should bring more focus to the gospels of the end of the world, to really bring the point home that HOMUNCULI's planning something. I'll do this in Tale of the Lost Vikings, you can feel free to do what you want.

- RISE OF LAZARUS (movement five, four, three?). FT-LAZARUS will be one of the important factors in rising up against EAT in the latter half of the story. Do note that FT-LAZARUS behaves in a way that parallels FT-HOMUNCULI: He possesses bodies, trying to find one that works as a vessel so he can be reborn properly. But every human body he possesses slowly dies while its features are transformed to resemble what Dionysus once looked like. So we're left with a lot of bodies that all look the same.

- FALL OF SELKIE (movement four, maybe even three). EAT will kill FT-SELKIE under the guise of FT-LARKS. I will probably cover this when we get there.

- DUCHESS'S FATE (movement three). Duchess will enter a Door. For the remainder of the blog, there'll be a cryptic post every now and then from Duchess from within FT-OVER THERE, possibly even with a cameo of Jordan Dooling.

- LIQUID LEN GETS ACTUAL PROGRESS (movement three). The higher-ups/someone or other decides to actually let Liquid Len get access to more interesting information, though still not anything about EAT.

- LOTOPHAGI FAILS (movement two). The higher-ups want Duchess to have an Op-Salad (brain surgery!) to remove FT-LOTOPHAGI from her brain so it can unleash its power. But Liquid Len will save her, fending off FT-LOTOPHAGI for good. Yes, that means FT-LOTOPHAGI will be defeated fairly early in the story. But that's fine; we want Fossils to die and be born a lot.


Now, I want FT-STRIGA to be somewhere on this chronology. I just.. don't know where. xD But now that Rapture's done (and I have experience with making a cohesive epic narrative), I want to try to seriously make serious.. plans for Genera. And the best way to write compelling stuff now is to have stuff to build up to later.

Posted by: alliterator Mar 15 2013, 06:26 PM

The next arc for Doctor Cloud will focus on FT-LAZARUS. He wants to know more about STRIGA and the closest thing he can find is LAZARUS (since they seem to be related). LAZARUS will provide more cryptic clues towards HOMUNCULI's plan, as well as the Night Owls.

Posted by: DJay32 Mar 15 2013, 07:49 PM
As long as the Night Owls being Camper isn't revealed in The Supernatural Anaesthetist. The Night Owls being the true masterminds behind a crazy conspiracy/the main antagonists of the entire story, sure, that can be revealed. But being Camper, that's something Liquid Len has to find out. And I want The Supernatural Anaesthetist to be the kind of story you can read in its entirety before you read Center East and you wouldn't be spoiled of too much. It's sort of its own standalone story, isn't it? Which is one of my favourite parts of it. It has many awesome plot twists of its own, many of which are significant in the Topography Genera plot, but in the end it's another blog story which is a part of the greater narrative.

I dunno, I'm trying to explain this, even though chances are I've already explained it before.
The Topography Genera narrative is meant to be, as I've probably made clear, so that you get the individual blogs linked to you at appropriate times, and as soon as they're linked to you they're fair game for reading all the way through. Center East is meant to be the framing device that makes the story feel even bigger and unified, but ultimately its purpose is feeding the reader stories at the right times.

So with all that clear, The Supernatural Anaesthetist is gonna be this thing where the reader reads it in its entirety, and so they know that Doctor Cloud eventually dies, and they know that FT-HOMUNCULI threatens the world, and they know some idea of how mysterious the higher-ups can be, and they know that there's some sort of group called the Night Owls behind everything. And then the reader decides to read through Center East, spending the early posts filled with dread at knowing there's so much insanity to come, with Doctor Cloud's occasional post usually there to give a reference point as to where the reader is in relation to Anaesthetist.

It's.. a very convoluted plan. But I put a lot of value into how stories look as finished products, and this feels like the best way it can work.


EAT IN THE GOVERNMENT (movement five). I'll make a blog for this. By this point, the reader will probably know that EAT is a significant part of the Genera. This will probably be the point where EAT reveals itself being the Night Owls, as well. Or rather it'll be more like there'll be this dramatic scene where the Camper is like "NOW THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT ARE NIGHT OWLS" and they won't actually say they're Camper. But Liquid Len will figure it out.

LIQUID LEN FRAMED, THROWN IN JAIL (can't decide if movement four or movement six). Liquid Len's little subplot of revenge, completing his codename ("I'm breaking the legs of the bastard who got me framed!"). Maybe this'll happen earlier on and then Liquid Len tries to threaten whoever framed him but then it turns out they're a Fossil and there's a scary scene here. And then Len will reach his low point and we'll enter movement five where things will only get lower for him.


OVERTURE: Eases the reader into the idea of the story and the blog format.
FIRST MOVEMENT: Gives a slow introduction, checking to see if the reader has read Jordan Eats, giving them more blogs to read and introducing more conventions of the story.
SECOND MOVEMENT: Slowly enters build-up. Duchess's plot enters, Lotophagi introduced and defeated. Night Owls silently enter the story. Testing in Progress thrown in as a Wham Episode to show connection with Jordan Eats. Lost Viking introduced.
THIRD MOVEMENT: Build-up. Duchess exits (first hint that this story will technically be a tragedy). Night Owls influence more. Maybe the vlog element introduced, if I can get that off the ground. Lost Viking goes through most of his plot. Maybe more blogs introduced.
FOURTH MOVEMENT: A lot of unfortunate events happen, including Liquid Len's jail arc. When in jail, he finally discovers what the Cremator did to him before the events of the story. Lost Viking also enters jail around here, discovering how EAT fooled the world with Scarecrow. Lost Viking proceeds to exit the story here. Selkie probably also exits the story here. A lot of significant exits and transitions.
FIFTH MOVEMENT: Wham Episodes. EAT in the government. Project: Dglgmut. Doctor Cloud exits. Probably more significant events that are the climax of blogs we haven't gotten to yet.
SIXTH MOVEMENT: The story starts to enter its ending stages. The Genera starts to become transparent in EAT's management. Liquid Len forced to chronicle what's happening to the world now (Center East becomes his Glass Prison; he parallels the Lost Viking here). We can spend this movement really having fun with the Genera world and how chaotic it will be. These are the End-Of-The-World stages here. I mean, if you're still helping after Doctor Cloud's gone.
SEVENTH MOVEMENT: Continuation of what I'd said for the previous. Genera becomes more powerful and more terrifyingly EAT. But EAT makes a couple of mistakes and Fossils get through, hinting at how it will end. More focus on the chaotic world, but this movement's blogs have a tendency to talk about Fossils and their own conspiracies.
EIGHTH MOVEMENT: End of Genera. Fossils rise up above EAT and defeat her for the time being. World reverts to something close to its regular self because of a Fossil. Genera becomes a fading memory, thanks to the Cremator. I don't know if Liquid Len will kill himself or not. But it'll be hinted that EAT is merely defeated and not gone forever, that it's rather impossible to fully kill off Ceesrais. I'm rambling.

Posted by: alliterator Mar 15 2013, 08:26 PM

The Supernatural Anaesthetist will have two more story-arcs:

Act 4: Uncertainty Principles

Cloud performs experiments on FT-LAZARUS, attempts to know more about the Night Owl/s and FT-STRIGA, and generally gets more hints about the deeper secrets of the Genera.

This one may go on for long, since while I have some ideas, I'm still not sure how they are going to fit together yet.

Act 5: Degrees of Freedom

Level 5 is breached by FT-HOMUNCULI. This one is basically going to be Doctor Cloud versus FT-HOMUNCULI with Cloud coming across more and more pieces of AD A DGLGMUT.

HOMUNCULI is pushed back and Cloud dies, still not knowing the mystery of who or what the Night Owls are.

But he's left all the clues for Liquid Len to piece together...

Posted by: DJay32 Mar 20 2013, 06:29 PM
I am very excited for the rest of The Supernatural Anaesthetist.

I actually have the denouement of the second movement planned to be next, but I need a fair amount of vocal work (and a video if I can only get the conditions right).

So I guess I'm just.. saying it here so you of all people know that we're not on a hiatus, I'm just at a point where I need other people and that means it'll be a while. I'd say early April. But I'm working on it.

Posted by: DJay32 Mar 31 2013, 02:34 AM

The Night Owl is like "HEY DOCTOR CLOUD, YOU SHOULD POST THE LAST PART OF THE DUCHESS RECORDINGS" because the last part will have Duchess rather blatantly describe FT-LOTOPHAGI and Doctor Cloud will rather blatantly tell her there may be Fossil involvement, and then he suggests she record herself sleeping for a week and get back to him.

So I'm still working on getting the video of Duchess going to sleep throughout the week, climaxing with the figures appearing in her room and talking about her future. And when I have that, I will also get the last Cloud-Duchess recording in, and then we can have Doctor Cloud post both, saying the higher-ups decided to concede to the Night Owl's threat. And from there, we can expand on the fact that the Night Owl has been officially recognized by higher-ups, and the real conspiracy can begin.

But movement three will not begin until Otso has been officially recognized by the Center East blog, because movement three will mark that we're a quarter of the way through the story, and I want to get all this stuff introduced before that.

Posted by: DJay32 Apr 17 2013, 08:04 PM

Maybe Duchess isn't helped by Liquid Len, not directly. Maybe she goes missing. And Liquid Len tries to look into her but the higher-ups tell him information is classified so he starts getting ballsy and goes against them. Finds out she was scheduled for an Op-Salad. Finds out her Op-Salad was canceled for some reason.

OOH HOW ABOUT THIS: The higher-ups are going to give her an Op-Salad but then FT-OVER THERE shows a consciousness of its own and Fossils try to get them off her? Because the Op-Salad would release FT-LOTOPHAGI upon the world and some Fossils don't want that, so they get the higher-ups to mysteriously cancel the Op-Salad. And then, because the Fossils can't decide what to do about FT-LOTOPHAGI, Duchess is simply kept in a cell of some sort for some time. But then one day she disappears. And they check the security footage and you see her sitting there and then a Door appears. >W>

And in Otso's narrative "the mysterious girl entering the Door" would be symbolic as strange things happening and getting worse for the characters. And things.
I'd figure out the symbolism later.

But let me rephrase that, I don't mean they literally are Fossils.
I mean more like the higher-ups parallel the Fossils. We learn more about the higher-ups as we learn more about the Fossils' hierarchy, and the hierarchies would parallel each other. Sometimes this parallel would be more blatant, with some Fossils directly appearing in the Genera at times and talking to higher-ups. Sometimes it would just be a subtle thing.
Whenever a Fossil wants something, the higher-ups will usually be seen looking into it as well.
And whenever the higher-ups are in conflict over something, you can bet your ass the Fossils are in conflict over it as well.

See, I'm starting to transition my focus from Rapture to Genera now.
All I need is this goddamn Duchess video.
I need to actually ask a friend if they can help rather than awkwardly avoiding it.

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 8 2013, 06:11 PM
Liquid Len's arc in movement five will take place with FT-STRIGA. He will wake up in their Family Territory facility (or whatever the final name will be) and everyone there will act as if he was always meant to be there. This happening right after movement four where he'd find out the truth of the Genera hiring him and also happening as EAT is entering the government, Liquid Len will be really accepting of this and will highly consider just staying there.

But no there's clearly heavy EAT influence in the West branch, Lost Vikings implies that. So maybe the STRIGA place--


Posted by: DJay32 Jun 11 2013, 11:29 PM
Got a new idea. Gotta write it down.

Bear with me, as this does sound silly at first.

The higher-ups have their own forum. Somewhat like Something Awful, a person would have to pay money to join (or rather, even to be eligible to join, and even then the admins would obviously only let the actual higher-ups in). Most of the boards are hidden from any public eye, though a couple of facade boards are there in case any random people stumble upon the site.

Even if you rank high in the Genera, there are still boards that are private to you.

And this forum would be created for the Topography Genera narrative. Either someone like The Night Owl would leak screenshots of it, or there'd be a sort of password system where you can only access certain boards if you know the passwords, which would be revealed gradually throughout the story.

I have these ideas of tying this into the topic of internet privacy. Here, we'd gradually find out just how much of the Genera the higher-ups are able to watch, even their private emails, even what TV shows they watch on Netflix at home. And as the Genera gains more ties with the government, it would only raise more and more implications.

Plus we'd be able to satirize a lot of stuff too. I have mental images of some higher-ups obsessively analyzing every line of Sunsetters songs, thinking there's important secrets or conspiracies in them.

And I just mean I've always wanted to find a way to turn a forum into a dramatic narrative. I'm just picturing all this buildup in one of the first threads a reader sees, where all these users are saying "We don't want to have to get the Administrator in here" and other such cryptic buildup, and then suddenly there's an ominous post by one of the administrators and it's foreboding and scary and dah I dunno.

Posted by: alliterator Jun 11 2013, 11:57 PM
And I just mean I've always wanted to find a way to turn a forum into a dramatic narrative.

I've been wanting to do that, too. Something where the forum itself becomes a part of the story.

I'm not sure a forum for the higher ups, though. How about a forum for Sunsetters fans? It would be fit better with other forums and allow for a lot of satire, as well as something deeper (perhaps one of the forumites stumbles onto something more in one of the albums).

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 12 2013, 12:18 AM
QUOTE (alliterator @ Jun 12 2013, 12:57 AM)

I've been wanting to do that, too. Something where the forum itself becomes a part of the story.

I'm not sure a forum for the higher ups, though. How about a forum for Sunsetters fans? It would be fit better with other forums and allow for a lot of satire, as well as something deeper (perhaps one of the forumites stumbles onto something more in one of the albums).

Again, bear with me, as the higher-ups getting a forum definitely does sound mundane by the standards of us who have grown up with early internet culture. But as the internet's developing and culture with it, I feel like a protected forum might be the perfect platform for a group as powerful as the higher-ups to conveniently communicate with each other and still be monitored by even higher people.

The Sunsetters example was more of the absurdity of such powerful people obsessing over something so mundane. And hell, in a sense, the higher-ups getting a forum adds to that mundanity but only in certain contexts.

I'm not saying the higher-ups' forum would be, like, filled with pornographic advertisement banners and trojans and "REPOST IF UR NOT GAY LOL" and clashing colours and early Javascript and low-quality spinning .gifs and done entirely in HTML. The forum would be specially designed to look as professional and secretive as possible, so it feels less like a mundane forum and more like the web equivalent of a top-secret meeting room.

And hell, there'd be higher-ups who hate the idea of there being a forum at all, higher-ups that stick entirely to email communication and whatnot. But a big reason this forum would exist at all in the story is so that the elusive higher-ups can be kept track of by those even higher. We'd see how someone like Blackcap or Doctor Walls, as mysterious and scary as they may seem, have to deal with even more secrets than our protagonists do. And the higher you go, the stranger the secrets become.

And the more I think about it, the more I'm pretty sure it would only be shown in the narrative through screenshots. There's way too much potential for user interaction and sabotage if the forum's url is actually given. Plus I think it'd be more interesting if the higher-ups have to find the mole who's screenshotting key threads and posting them publicly. It's easy to combat a forum going public. It's not easy to combat one of your own users screenshotting what they have access to.

Plus, making a Sunsetters forum would mean I'd have to actually write all the lyrics for the albums and plus what would even be revealed in the narrative from that? Other than easter eggs like "Oh hey, this song's talking about TINDALOS!" Considering Eric still intends on making the albums themselves (AND I'M HELPING, I WROTE A PIANO SONG AND JUST NEED TO FIGURE OUT VOCALS), that kind of easter egg will be discovered by listeners eventually anyway.

So, to reiterate, I see a lot of potential in the characters of the higher-ups and in the structure of their hierarchy and their secretive nature. I see them like human parallels to the Fossils (as I have said before), and since I don't intend on the Fossils to get quite so down-to-earth a portrayal as the Fears got in Rapture, exploring the higher-ups strikes me as a way to sorta almost humanize the Fossils, if only by proxy. Plus we wouldn't give away the actual Genera hierarchy, nor would we give away all that much in terms of how the higher-ups work. It's more we'd see glimpses into some of their personalities-- as that's all a forum is, when you get right down to it, glimpses into personalities hidden behind text and avatars.

Maybe I just happen to love the idea of humanizing the gods, even in the sense of characters who aren't literal gods but are just secretive scientists and businessmen. I love portraying these characters as amazing figures who have so much influence and power, but then they still have hints of humanity in there, little things we can relate to. Maybe Greek mythology influenced me more than I thought.

Posted by: alliterator Jun 12 2013, 04:36 AM
That sounds like a good idea. Would you want to Photoshop the forum posts or actually make a forum? The first might be easier.

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 12 2013, 05:02 AM
I would have no idea where to begin doing the first one. Meanwhile, But I can always switch to photoshop whenever, this forum doesn't have to be final at all.

I called the Administrator "NO" both because it's a very authoritative word and also because Night Owl. I tried a sort of rough idea of a Genera forum hierarchy-- there's "ALL ACCESS" which is the board anyone can see, then there's "LEVEL 5" up to "LEVEL 8" which you can only see if you have high enough permission. And each LEVEL board has separate subboards divided by Genera branch, with LEVEL 8 including the Central/Parallax branch. And I intend for there to be even higher things than this but they would never be revealed in the story directly, only hinted at.

I was intending on using photoshop somewhere in there anyway, probably to edit post counts so it looks like members have posted much more. But you can join the forum if you want and I can make one of your user accounts an administrator for convenience. The stuff on this forum doesn't have to be final, we can photoshop anything. I'm thinking we could just make a bunch of accounts and-- as odd as it sounds to propose this-- basically RP. xD Pretend we're our characters and try to RP conversations until we've got a backlog of experiment ideas and personalities and stuff.

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 14 2013, 05:42 AM
user posted image

Here, a post I made (and edited in PaintBrush) under the account "Jesus of Suburbia." I'm trying for her to be the kind of user who joins just to post cryptic-yet-relevant stuff, kinda like the totheark to the higher-ups. Except she posts stuff that's a bit more coherent. I also had a bit of fun thinking of fables related to the Ancient Xanadian gods, and I decided to call its overall mythology "Vraistellen." Because that's a name that's important to both Genera and Rapture.

I'll be making more posts like this, probably with other characters being like "wtf" and then eventually warming up to her story-time and being excited for her posts.

Also yes I made her female. I felt like another male storyteller would get a little boring.

Posted by: alliterator Jun 14 2013, 08:15 AM
I joined as White Walls (Dr. Walls). If you want, I can make accounts for Lilywhite Lilith, too. Or I can try to make some other higher ups.

Posted by: DJay32 Jun 14 2013, 01:27 PM
QUOTE (alliterator @ Jun 14 2013, 09:15 AM)
I joined as White Walls (Dr. Walls). If you want, I can make accounts for Lilywhite Lilith, too. Or I can try to make some other higher ups.

You can make accounts for anyone you want! Lilith strikes me as the kind of higher-up who wouldn't really want to join the forum, but she's your character so it's up to you.

I gave White Walls LEVEL 8 access. I'll give any other higher-ups the same, unless you specifically want one to have a level below that (goes down to 5).

Posted by: DJay32 Nov 2 2013, 09:14 AM
(Caution: We got a big post here.)


1: Video is posted showing what happens in Duchess's room as she sleeps.
2: Liquid Len questions where the hell anyone has been on the blog (even in the context of the narrative I did try to portray that at least some time has passed since Doctor Cloud said Duchess should film herself sleeping). Even if the paranoia is unfounded, I want to get the reader thinking of paranoia early on.
3: Night Owl publicly discloses information of FT-LOTOPHAGI. It's easily been over five months since the ultimatum was given, but I want there to be a slight bit of ambiguity as to whether the Night Owl was just going to post it anyway.
4: SOMEHOW WE FIND OUT DUCHESS WAS SCHEDULED SOMETIME IN THE PAST FEW MONTHS FOR AN OP-SALAD. Still figuring this one out. Maybe this is where we'd introduce the higher-up forum being leaked? (I JUST GOT A MENTAL IMAGE OF IT BEING ON WIKILEAKS. Wouldn't be that but I can see it being on some blog that serves a similar purpose.)
5: And SOMEHOW WE ALSO FIND OUT DUCHESS MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED BEFORE THE OP-SALAD WAS DUE. We probably just hear that the higher-ups somehow just "lost" her. The fact that she was taken into FT-OVER THERE won't be revealed until movement three. I'm thinking this one might be Mordecai talking with Liquid Len over a beer and revealing, among many things he hates about his job, some things he's not really supposed to say but he's risking it. I do want those two to become friends, and I also want Mordecai to get fleshed out more later on.
6: Finally, the Topography Genera Center East finds posted, on its front doors, a note from the Night Owl. This part is already taken care of; Rajkot has drawn it for us.

Then the movement ends and movement three begins with a tracklist for Sunsetters' No Entry. I'd give a tracklist to their first album but, frankly, Bones and I are thinking of renaming the album entirely and probably getting a different cover for it so that's not ready to be even be conceptually presented.

THERE, I got all this down on paper. Topography Genera should be entering its third movement before the year's end. THEN WE WILL ACTUALLY GET SHIT DONE. This story's coming back.

EDIT: I cleaned up the Tumblr quite a bit. I'm gonna add more to it as things go on, definitely. I'd like to know what you think of the new description of the story on the main page, and I definitely want to know what you think of the new Genera table of contents layout. I also tried to update The Supernatural Anaesthetist's table but I may have been wrong on it.

EDIT 2: I wrote a script for Mordecai's big conversation with Liquid Len. And.. yeah, wow, it's bigger than I thought it'd be. This is basically this movement's "J. LaBrie conversation." I'll post the script here so you can give it a once-over and make sure I didn't write anything stupid.

*Liquid Len answering machine*
"Liquid Len, it's Mordecai. I want to have a personal discussion with you. It's about another suspension we're thinking you might need. Meet me in the Blood of the Queen tonight. Sometime after seven."
"Make sure you bring your recording device. I'll be sitting at a table in the back. Also, you should change your answering machine message. You haven't been 'swamped' a single day since you've worked here."

[SFX: bar sounds, faint background music (original?)]
[SFX: take a seat on stool]
Bartender: Evenin', guv. What do you need?
Liquid Len: Uh… I guess I'll have a water, thanks.
[SFX: footsteps approaching]
Mordecai: Liquid Len, you made it!
Liquid Len: Sir.
Mordecai: Please, call me Jeremy.
Liquid Len: (uninterested) Your name is Jeremy too?
[SFX: Pouring water into glass]
Mordecai: (lying) Yeah, heh. I suspect that's why the higher-ups assigned me to be your supervisor. C'mon, my table's back here--
[SFX: Glass put on counter]
Bartender: Water's free.
Liquid Len: Thanks.
Mordecai: Hey, you're in a pub, what are you ordering a water for? (to bartender) Get this man a Carlsberg, on me!
Liquid Len: Oh, I don't drink--
Mordecai: Drinking's easy, never too late to start.
Liquid Len: (offended) I don't really appreciate--
[SFX: shifting]
[TEXT: "*Mordecai hugs me.*"]
Mordecai: *hearty laughter* (whispering) Don't attract attention. You don't want the water.
[SFX: shifting back]
[SFX: Glass put on counter]
Bartender: Here's your lager.
Mordecai: There's a good man! Len, come sit with me.
[SFX: footsteps]
[SFX: take a seat]
Mordecai: So how are you liking the place? I come here every Friday, everyone knows me. You want anything? My treat.
Liquid Len: (anxious) I just want to talk about my suspension.
Mordecai: (lowers voice, suddenly serious) There is no suspension.
Liquid Len: What? Then why am I here?
Mordecai: Keep your voice down. Did you ever wonder why we keep suspending you and never do anything further?
Liquid Len: (lowers voice) I like to think someone up there likes me.
Mordecai: Have you ever seen anyone at the Genera get a pink slip? Pack their stuff in a box and leave their desk? Hades (as expletive), have you ever seen anyone quit?
[Liquid Len breathes through his mouth for a few seconds.]
Liquid Len: (nervous) Didn't Frances quit a few years back? In accounting?
Mordecai: Who did you hear that from?
Liquid Len: It was.. (pause) Blackcap, wasn't it?
Mordecai: Frances never quit. Take a sip of your drink.
Liquid Len: What?
Mordecai: Your beer. Don't look around.
Liquid Len: I…
[SFX: glass put back down]
Liquid Len: You were saying?
Mordecai: Frances never quit. She was taken down to the lower levels and.. disposed of.
[pause, Liquid Len makes a short noise of upset confusion]
Mordecai: She wrote a blog about a Fossil we weren't supposed to know about yet. Her codename feels a lot crueler now.
Liquid Len: "Frances?"
Mordecai: "Frances the Mute."
[Liquid Len sighs with a shudder]
Liquid Len: What.. Fossil was it?
Mordecai: Striga.
Liquid Len: (unsure if heard correctly) Which Fossil?
Mordecai: Exactly. (quickly) Your life is in grave danger, and you don't even know it.
Liquid Len: (defensively, raising voice a little) I.. I think I'd gathered as much before!
Mordecai: Quiet. Your assumption was that you might die due to this job, but the reality is that no matter what happens, you're not leaving this job alive.
[longer pause]
[SFX: glass put back down]
Liquid Len: I can see why you brought me to a pub.
Mordecai: This is why you've never seen anyone get fired. It's always just been hearsay. No one leaves the Genera.
Liquid Len: Is.. do you know why?
[Mordecai sighs]
Mordecai: I have my suspicions. Frankly, I have a lot of suspicions. But they all come to the higher-ups. It always comes back to them.
Liquid Len: Wait. I thought you were a higher-up.
Mordecai: I'm your supervisor. My job revolves around making sure you don't learn the wrong things at the wrong times. I'm worth less to them than you are; I'm expendable.
Liquid Len: Aren't I expendable?
Mordecai: (grimly) And there's our million-dollar question.
Liquid Len: I mean. I am expendable. I'm the lowest of the low. I don't even do anything. I just write blog posts every few months.
Mordecai: Indeed, and while you're here, I have something else you can put on today's post.
Liquid Len: By this point I don't think I want to know.
Mordecai: Duchess is gone.
Liquid Len: (loudly) I fucking--
[Liquid Len cuts himself off and takes another sip, pause]
[SFX: glass put back down]
Liquid Len: (quietly) I heard about the damn Op-Salad.
Mordecai: She never had the Op-Salad.
Liquid Len: You're shitting me. Then what happened?
[Mordecai lets out a low desperate snicker]
Mordecai: Nobody knows.
Liquid Len: How is that even possible? Do you think she broke out and ran?
Mordecai: We would have heard. The security down in the lower levels gets unfathomably tight, especially for special cases like her.
Liquid Len: She had a Fossil in her, right?
Mordecai: Lotophagi. Not exactly a new Fossil, unlike what they want you to think. It usually manifests in subjects, picking away at them and eventually transforming their dreams into lucid waking thoughts and making reality feel a lot less real. They always commit suicide. That, or mental institutions, but ever since the Genera was founded we haven't let any wards hold onto subjects harbouring Fossils for very long. Duchess was one of these, a Veronica Ruth chattering away about her parents and her favourite colours and the face in her dreams that never went away, screaming "I won't sleep forever. And the sound of my silence says tick. tock. Boom, coming soon."
Liquid Len: ..wait, "Veronica?" But her name's Ellen.
Mordecai: Only in her dreams. She never existed. We took her on because of the Fossil she had in her. Wanted her to think she had a normal job, then when Lotophagi got too loud we'd… try something different on her.
Liquid Len: Yeah, they wanted to open her brain up and.. what was it, take out a brain cell?
Mordecai: An extra neuron. That's how Lotophagi manifests. Blackcap had this idea to take the neuron out of a subject's brain, in hopes that the Fossil would be free and cease terrorizing people's dreams.
Liquid Len: And what if that didn't work?
Mordecai: Then we'd be in the same spot but now with Lotophagi running loose in real life.
[SFX: glass put back down]
Liquid Len: So this almost happened, with this Fossil with potentially limitless power almost running amok on the Earth, then she just disappears?
Mordecai: Mhm. And the peculiar thing is the security camera in her cell stopped working for the exact thirty seconds leading to her disappearance.
Liquid Len: Well, that just figures.
Mordecai: The leading theory is it was another Fossil that did it, but there's no telling for sure, not with a conveniently busted camera.
[pause to think]
Liquid Len: Thanks for telling me, I guess.
Mordecai: Don't mention it. Blog it.
Liquid Len: Are you sure that's a good idea?
Mordecai: I'm positive. Something has been set in motion in the Genera, something Lotophagi was a part of, and you have a vehicle for keeping transparency with the public about it. In the long game we're playing, public transparency is vital, I truly believe that.
Liquid Len: And you're okay with potentially getting offed for this?
Mordecai: At this point, I welcome it. I've been digging up fossils too long. Now casually finish your drink as we do small talk.
Liquid Len: That reminds me. If we're posting this recording anyway, why does it matter if we act obvious here?
Mordecai: Because we're hiding from entirely different people in here.
Liquid Len: What--
Mordecai: (normal volume) Did I mention you really should change your answering machine message sometime? Your current one's from years back!

Yeah, I wound up revealing a bit more than I think our original plan had, but I think it's about time we shift the story into full-on paranoid mode.

Posted by: DJay32 Jan 10 2014, 07:31 AM
Your new posts in The Supernatural Anaesthetist are making me very ecstatic. For the record, if you want to reveal stuff about FT-STRIGA or Familiar Territory or what-have-you in the blog, you can feel free! I think it'd probably be a good idea. Plus Doctor Cloud's blog is red so hey that's enough reason to reveal stuff about STRIGA. xD

As a suggestion, though, I'd say go back to the first post of Uncertainty Principles, to the paragraph that recaps Secret Mysteries, and provide a link to the blog there somewhere. Just so the reader has time to read it if they don't already know about it. ..the one problem with that is, if a reader hasn't heard of Secret Mysteries and only learns of it from Anaesthetist, that paragraph also spoils how it ends. xD

And if I can't get it made within an internal deadline then sod it, I'm rewriting the story so Duchess's video doesn't need to be shown. Because it really is about time Topography Genera gets back on track.

Posted by: alliterator Jan 10 2014, 06:40 PM
Yeah, I've been having writer's block on how to continue Doctor Cloud's story and I finally had this idea - that there was a program uncovering his "hidden entries" from last year. So that way I can continue from where I left off, but still post from today.

I think I'm going to introduce a bunch more mysterious Arc Phrases, too, that mean, basically, nothing. Just red herrings that Striga is showing Cloud to make him further doubt the Genera and who the "Night Owl" could be.

Posted by: DJay32 Jan 10 2014, 07:16 PM
I recommend using The Supernatural Anaesthetist to somehow dispense codes for the ARG, if Uncertainty Principles is still going on during it. You could have the recovery program get a virus for a post and proceed to spew out seemingly random text only for it to actually be a code, or some of Striga's red herrings could even be codes or at least riddles in and of themselves.

..but that would come later anyway, there's still a month to go before that starts. If you want to try that.

Posted by: alliterator Jan 11 2014, 04:18 AM
So the poem in the is an acrostic: it spells out "Look Out For The Long Knife."

Striga is just fucking with Doctor Cloud now. The "Long Knife" is a reference to the "Night of Long Knives," which was a Nazi purge and an of British chieftains. Basically, the Long Knife is a reference to the Night Owls taking over the Genera itself by "purging" the employees.

Striga wants in on the Night Owls territory or at least to cause them some trouble, so it is going to continue fucking with Doctor Cloud.

Posted by: DJay32 Jan 13 2014, 08:22 AM
So after looking back at earlier notes in this Planning Room, I wanted to see what we previously had written for Lazarus. All we really had is "Dionysus dies, Lazarus will be born during the course of Genera." And I think this can work with having Dionysus die and split up into the Shards. The Genera would simply think these Shards are Lazarus, so they'd designate them FT-LAZARUS, but in reality the Shards will eventually combine into Dionysus reborn under a new name.

..that is, unless you have other plans for the Fossil.

Posted by: alliterator Jan 13 2014, 08:30 AM
Nope, it sounds good. My goal was basically to have three antagonists Dr Cloud would interact with - Rowland, Proserpine, and now Gestas. Gestas is going to be the most friendly, but it's all a facade. At the same time, Project FOREVER is more that what Cloud thinks it is, too.

Posted by: DJay32 May 7 2014, 09:42 AM
So, as I have effectively skipped the Duchess video for now, and I am currently waiting for Bones to provide his Liquid Len voice work for the "cutscene" coming up in a couple posts, I am brimming with ideas.

House of Leaves ramble here:

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
First of all, let me just say that House of Leaves was the single greatest book I've read. Maybe it hit me at a critical point in my life. But I have come out of it feeling traumatized but stronger. Triggered so many times, already in the middle of the darkest depression I've ever had when I found the book, I clutched on, analyzing every footnote, admiring every formatting choice, hanging on to every tangent to enjoy the solace that laid between moments of horror. Characters and events kept triggering me, I didn't care, I was relishing the chance to get lost in another world. Then that world surprised me by doing something I've never really seen before: It made me feel like I was brave, like the personal choices I'd made in the past had been the bravest possible choices I could have made. It made me suspect all this would be in vain as the narrative suggested an ending paralleling that of the Kullervo myth, and then it surprised me again by not doing that.

And then it surprised me a third and final time by, after the "narrative" had "ended," giving me that fucking Appendix with the Watershoe Letters. Sending me down the single most terrifying place I have ever been, making me uncover its secrets by myself, reducing me to a whimpering wreck for a solid hour, letting me pause and reflect by myself before reading on, letting me realize the horrible profundity running through the entire book: There is no Minotaur, and there never was. The house never existed, it was a fictional entity within a fictional documentary within a fictional analysis. But the house was one suffering artist's attempt to convey a greater truth, a truth Johnny discovered over the course of his own personal journey, a truth the Navidsons experienced through nothing more than a distorted metaphor, a truth the Holloway Tapes revealed through little at all, a truth even the critical analysis of the documentary revealed through its sprawling labyrinthine footnote-filled pages: The "house" is a representation of the darkness of the human psyche. The darkest places of our minds, the truest parts of our minds. The Watershoe Letters were all it took for me to realize this. In its sprawling labyrinthine breaches of logic and tone, in its narrator's desperate broken (hidden) cries for help, lay the darkest, coldest, ever-changing, oldest house labyrinth except there's no Minotaur anywhere to promise an escape from the living hell.

In reading those letters, I stared into the fucking abyss, and I realized what the entire book had been trying to say to me this whole time: The abyss always stares back. Always. And there is no abyss darker nor more terrifying than the mind of someone tortured. The internalized pain, the emotions no one wants to comprehend, the sheer emptiness, the cold stare of words devoid of all meaning.

How can I even describe what I hope to describe? The emptiness, the tragedy, the pain, the darkness present in those letters, that is literally the same as the fictional house in the fictional documentary, that is literally the same as Johnny's hallucinations. It's us. It's in every one of us. It's the human condition. But it can be combated, it just takes a lot of bravery, dedication, and suffering.

In reading House of Leaves, I gained more context to my life and the feelings within than anything has ever given me before. I gained self-confidence, bravery, perspective, knowledge. I feel like I just stared my own house in the face, and while it did not go away, at least I have seen more of it now than ever before. And I haven't stopped crying since.

So to sum all that up, House of Leaves.. well. It changed something in me. For the better. But now I have ideas. Inspiration.

That idea of a forum for higher-ups? Let's go the extra mile with it. On top of their attempts to analyze the Sunsetters' lyrics, I'm thinking they also try to make sense of a fictional film, one that uses many Fears and has many books written about it.

Maybe a film that the higher-ups don't like to admit exists, not to those below. Maybe a film that reveals a lot about the Fossils. A film whose content will be revealed slowly over the course of the rest of Topography Genera.

No idea what the film would be about. No idea if I'd want it to be a "possible documentary," though I don't want to rip off House of Leaves that much.

I realize that, in order for a plot element like this to work, it needs to have some serious truth behind it. Topography Genera hasn't really dealt with the truth much so far, though it has hinted at it with EAT from time to time. But maybe now's the time to dig deep inside and find some truths to put into this narrative. Maybe that'll give me the motivation I need to really push for this.

Another idea to pop into my head is that the film would be titled Property of the Night Owl, much like the blog of the same name, and it could draw parallels with it, maybe. ......maybe. I dunno, still thinking.

Do you have any thoughts?

Posted by: DJay32 Dec 17 2014, 08:11 AM
So, in all this time I somehow actually got something.

(First, to recap the "fuck" thread: I want to reboot Genera, but at the same time I don't. So maybe we can have the best of both worlds-- we carry on as planned, but we speed the plot up double-time, and when the story ends EAT isn't satisfied so it repeats the entire universe, as by this point it would be at that point. The reboot/second session can be done without your involvement if you want, but it would be a big help if you finish The Supernatural Anaesthetist for this 'first session' since it's your blog and you're so close to the end.)

So. "Speed up the plot." That means each "session" of the story is four movements. We're already through two, can't easily backtrack on that one, so the remaining two will have to comprise...... literally everything else we'd planned. Luckily we only had big plot stuff rather than too many details, so that's doable.
Really, it can mean anything. And I've got anything right here. This is a blog about theatre. It will introduce or at least emphasize the cyclic themes the story will go down, but directly it will act as a vehicle for covering some... things. (The blog name comes from Finnish mythology. Birds were said to migrate to the heavens in winter, to a warmer paradise-like place, and even in time as Finland became more secular their word for "home-of-the-birds" turned into an everyday word for "your happy place." I like that imagery.)

Right, I should write all my thoughts down, including those things.

Remember The Endless Obsession? That audio play about Genera mythology? And how I kinda worked the story to be canonical but not part of the main narrative, I said it was a fictional, like, radio troupe or something putting on a play. Or something. I probably said that somewhere.
Well, Home of the Birds will expand upon that.
I'm thinking The Endless Obsession, in-universe, was written by someone like Henry Rutherford. He didn't just write poetry, he also wrote plays. And The Endless Obsession was one play in a mythological cycle, a cycle that fixates on Selkie. Following me so far? Good, I'm half-asleep as usual.

Enter a turning point for Tale of the Lost Vikings: The Lost Viking wants to assassinate a Fossil. So he kills Smile. I've written that post already, will post it when I'm good and ready to bring this narrative back to the public.
Smile is dead.
Off-screen, the gods hold a wake.
At that wake, Hades and the Birchman give eulogies. The Cremator wants to move on already but he must be respectful to his colleagues. Lazarus attends, waiting for Selkie to break. She does. (Remember that old plot point? "EAT, through the Larks, kills Selkie?" Here's that. It's at The Rake's wake. What a sentence.) The Night Owl screams from afar. The gods leave, their thing interrupted.
All that happens off-screen. But it sounds important. It sounds cool. It sounds like there's a lot of potential for interesting things.
So that's where my idea comes in.

At the Wake of the Earth-Shaker, Henry Rutherford's final play (or at least in the Selkie cycle, maybe his last for real?). "The earth-shaker" was one of Poseidon's epithets, as he was said to be responsible for earthquakes, and I rather like the idea of implying The Rake somehow has something to do with the oceans. That makes its death more ominous when it comes to EAT's rise. Plus, in keeping with the prog naming theme, King Crimson had a beautiful album titled In the Wake of Poseidon. So there you go.

So what about this play? Do I make it an audio thing like The Endless Obsession?
Hell no. Or yes but hang on.
I write it as a genuine stage play, then I have voice actors record audio (giving much more direction this time, I need to up my game big-time if I want this to land). I present this stuff as if it's a bootleg recording from a theatre. That's where Home of the Birds comes in. Not 100% sure on exactly how that blog will go or what it'll consist of but I want Earth-Shaker to be involved.

Of course, by presenting this as the bootleg audio of an actual stage play (if edited and presented well enough), there's a lot of cool implications for this. For one thing, the audience will be encouraged to try and visualize the action on-stage. For another thing, I could accompany segments with, like, grainy video of the bootlegger trying to record a snippet of the visuals, just to tantalize the readers. And for yet another thing, this whole set-up puts a bigger emphasis on the actors-as-characters. I could write Earth-Shaker so there's two different stories going on: Rutherford's play, and the story of the people actually in that theatre. Maybe the actors are fed up with each other and kinda break down halfway through. Maybe an audience member heckles them. Hell, maybe it's just the person sitting next to the bootlegger, constantly leaning over and going "Is this the good part yet?" or something.
My point is.. well, there's a lot of potential here.
And honestly I'm not sure whether to show the entire play or just show segments of it. It'd probably be a better idea to only show segments of it, as that way it wouldn't require me making a fool of myself ad biting off more than I can chew. xD They could be big segments! Maybe stuff like "IArrival at the wake," "Hades's eulogy (cut riiight at the part the Birchman's about to give his ;D)," "Selkie's death," "Night Owl scream," big and small snippets.

So. So that's my plan. This is how Topography Genera will resume-- a sort of interlude with a play. Though this is the third movement.

I really hope you like these ideas. This story still has so much potential.

Posted by: DJay32 Feb 8 2015, 01:42 AM
(At the Wake of the Earth-Shaker, and thus Home of the Birds, is hard to write for, or maybe I'm just too scared to write something that's supposed to be an excerpt from a really good play. But there'll at least be enough to convey the important plot points.) In other news, here is a specific outline of the rest of Topography Genera (which will now end surprisingly soon), almost point-for-post specific!

- Fuguetory.
- The Lost Viking kills Smile.
- The Fossils hold their wake, where Selkie dies and the Night Owl scares the Fossils off.
- Mordecai dies, becomes Lazarus for a short time before, too, dying.
- Duchess posts from The Empty City.
- Liquid Len imprisoned (by Mad Man Moon), at least until the higher-ups decide what kind of a threat he is. We see more of the higher-ups this way.
- The Night Owl speeds things up.
- The Lost Viking watches as Scarecrow returns to the world, we get the Hell and Earth reprisal. (Tale of the Lost Vikings, movement three.
(1: Scarecrow's speech.
2: Hades rests and lets the runner culture react.
3: Something about EAT and the internet. Thirteen Moonchildren convert to the cult of Hades, and they are dubbed the Moonlit Knights (they'll be important, though I don't know how xD).
4: "Castles crumbled" could mean any number of things. A Night Owl begins an exodus to the government.
5: Hades, now indebted to EAT, is asked to help her __________, and he accepts. Then something about a "Knight of the Green Shield" that is secretly a Moonlit Knight [Lost Viking].
6: Hades works on EAT's favor, leads his people, probably gets his people to do work for EAT.
7: Hades and Lazarus, I dunno.
8: Hades reaches "the Shores of Knowledge," something about thirteen eldritch abominations. Hades "fails." And then Hades interacts with the Cremator. (I'm thinking Hades is betrayed by thirteen eldritch abominations, one of which is EAT and another of which is the Cremator.)
[ - Ian Manning-Camper's actual death, end of Topography Genera Center North. ]
(Lost Vikings movement four. 9: Hades realizes that the Moonlit Knights have all betrayed him and are now Camper, so he kills them (he's mad at EAT now after post 8). Something about a Knight of the Green Shield laughing [Lost Viking kills Ian Manning]. That Night Owl from earlier is in the (UK) government.
10: The Night Owls basically order for all the Hades-cult members to be thrown in Hell's Kitchen, and meanwhile Hades is engulfed in an Alpha Wave of EAT and killed. Or hell, maybe even turned into a Camper, himself. And Selkie laughs.)))
- Liquid Len asks his higher-up, Doctor Cloud, what's in Hell's Kitchen. We get a scene that is blatantly different from the creepypasta. We learn about the higher-ups, about how high this goes, how Blackcap isn't even close to the top (remotely), how the highest is someone simply codenamed NO.
- Liquid Len turns into a fucking badass. Grabs guns. "I'm breaking the legs of the bastard that got me framed." Is sick of taking it all sitting down. Demands the higher-ups step up against the Genera members who are blatantly EAT. Realizes they are all EAT. We find out that EAT wants Liquid Len alive as an experiment (surrogate for audience, EAT wants us, but EAT simply starts here and works her way to us). Night Owl's true identity revealed here. EAT blackmails Liquid Len into staying put.
- Liquid Len, blogging as EAT's prisoner, recounts the fall of the gods from different perspective, rise of EAT.
- Simultaneous: Rest of Hell and Earth happens. (Tale of the Lost Vikings, rest of movement four.
(11: As EAT kills/Camperfies all of the people who once followed Hades, we get this passage about "Man rising to Perfection." Lost Viking is put through a series of trials and eventually becomes the new Hades. Selkie laughs at this, and Lazarus watches (I think they'd be the ones putting the man through the trials, as a secret alliance of Fossils against EAT). [Lost Viking.]
12: The man becomes Hades/the new Hades/"A New Mask" of Hades." And "Selkie Froze."
13: The new Hades starts trying to gather new followers. The Night Owl from earlier takes over (Australia's?) government, prompting Hades to directly confront EAT. The Night Owls kill this Hades too (maybe imprison him so that people can't make a new Hades). The Larks summon a Court of Wood (Selkie reborn), and then the Shores of Knowledge rise and Ceesrais rises. [End of Lost Viking.])
- Ad a Dglgmut rises. Doctor Cloud dies.
- wiseaufan01 says his farewells to Liquid Len. Is a Camper now.
- Duchess posts more.
- Fossils meet with EAT. Attempt to talk her out of this. Not sure how Len knows, maybe posted on Property of the Night Owl?
- Liquid Len doesn't care. Life is purgatory. Lazarus attempts to take over. EAT puts up a fight to stop Lazarus from tainting her test subject. The Fossils realize Liquid Len is the one it wants. Attempt to kill him.
- This new war between the Fossils means EAT gets more and more and more Camper. Fossils get more and more and more servants. Not really any people left.
- Dglgmut, Homunculi, turns on EAT. EAT attempts to destroy it, but Doctor Cloud built it too well.
- Liquid Len posts about Sunsetters until the universe resets. (End on Jordan Eats-esque thing? 'Cause universe rebooted?)

Posted by: alliterator Feb 9 2015, 04:36 AM
There are two acts left for Doctor Cloud:

Act 3: Uncertainty Principles
Where we left off: there is the cloud.exe program revealing hidden entries about Doctor Cloud's interview with Gestas, a host for FT-LAZARUS. Gestas knows more about Cloud then he is saying, however.

Eventually, it is revealed that Gestas heard about the Topography Genera and decided to create its own group to infiltrate it and called it the Familia Territorio, "The Family Territory."

Gestas: I made it all up, Doctor Cloud. Welcome to the Familia Territorio. Welcome to familiar territory.
Cloud: So you and Striga-
Gestas: She is my mother, my sister, my daughter. She is the body and I am the spirit.
Cloud: What do you want?
Gestas: What does everyone want? Existence. Life.
Cloud: And you think the Genera will give it to you?
Gestas: No, we think you will.

Someone lets Gestas out of his cage and he moves from person to person. Just as he reaches Cloud, however, he is saved by Lilith. Lilith tells him that now he knows how dangerous the Genera's enemies are, that he was being groomed to become one of the higher ups. He is going to know all the secrets.

All he has to do is finish one more project: Project AD A DGLGMUT.

And then we learn "cloud.exe" is a program Doctor Cloud used to hide all of his data on FT-LAZARUS and FT-AD A DGLGMUT just in case he needed something to hold over the higher ups heads. But now the program is breaking down due to an infection of FT-HOMUNCULI, Subtype DESCARTES and it is revealing everything right now. It's been a year since the Doctor started on Project AD A DGLGMUT and there is something wrong.

We are now entering familiar territory.

Act 5: Degrees of Freedom, or: Karma Police

Divided into five subacts:

Karma police
Arrest this man
He talks in maths
He buzzes like a fridge
He's like a detuned radio

Doctor Cloud works on Project AD A DGLGMUT. He figures out that he is building a brand new Fossil, something never seen before.

Karma police
Arrest this girl
Her Hitler hairdo
Is making me feel ill
And we have crashed her party

Lillywhite Lilith is interviewed by the higher ups. She is only a supervisor, only knows some of what they are planning. But she is worried about Doctor Cloud and his mental state. She gets taken over by EAT.

This is what you'll get
This is what you'll get
This is what you'll get
When you mess with us

Cloud notices the difference in Lilith slowly but surely. EAT is trying to get him to complete AD A DGLGMUT - Cloud's mind is unique, they aren't sure they can exactly replicate his thought process. Cloud knows something bad is happening, but isn't sure if it's because of the Genera or because of Familia Territorio.

Karma police
I've given all I can
It's not enough
I've given all I can
But we're still on the payroll

Cloud tries to run away, but finds himself trapped in the endless labyrinth of the Genera. FT-HOMUNCULI returns. The tower turns and the doors open. Our apocalypse versus Theirs. The machine must be made, Cloud.

For a minute there
I lost myself, I lost myself
Phew, for a minute there
I lost myself, I lost myself

Doctor Cloud finishes AD A DGLGMUT for HOMUNCULI, but he installs something called the SUNRISE PROTOCOLS. This is a hidden backdoor into AD A DGLGMUT, designed to destroy it.

And EAT controlled Lilith tries to save Cloud from HOMUNCULI, but fails and Cloud dies looking up into her watery eyes. He knows she isn't there, but he lies to himself and tells himself that she's still alive as he dies.

His last words are "What about the Night-"

Posted by: DJay32 Aug 24 2015, 04:15 PM
I need one last Ian Manning voice from you.

"Attention, all members of the Topography Genera Center North. Attention, all members of the Topography Genera Center North. Attention, all members of the Topography Genera Center North."

That's it. Presented as a sort of alert, but spoken slowly and carefully articulated, all three lines similar in tone.

I'll be posting the rest of Topography Genera soon. Got the third movement pretty much done already, won't post it all until the fourth is done too.

Posted by: DJay32 Aug 26 2015, 04:33 PM
..also. Do you think I could have the Doctor Cloud login? I mean, unless you do want to finish it yourself. I just. I'm rewriting the early Genera and realizing that I actually have a lot of fun fleshing out characters. I've already accidentally and.. well, I'm having fun. But Anaesthetist is ultimately your blog. So I wanted to ask.

Posted by: alliterator Aug 26 2015, 10:34 PM
Yep, go right ahead:

You can go off of the outline I wrote above or just do your own thing.

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