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Posted by: Hunter_Omega May 11 2015, 01:28 AM
Hey guys! So, there's this new Fear Mythos vlog idea I had, and I was wondering if anyone would like to help out! Here's what the plot is so far:

Season 1: Jason Moore runs away from home after his parents and everyone he loves have been infected by a deadly Plague being spread all around the world by an entity known as the Plague Doctor. He finds two people who accompany him in his journey: a girl his age named Carissa, and an older woman who lives in a shack named Mary Lou. He and Mary Lou eventually get separated and he gets kidnapped by the Cold Boy. Right as he's about to be killed by the Cold Boy's minions, he gets saved by the Merryman. End season.

I was hoping season 2 for my series would go like this: Jason is in a dark room, when a door to the Merryman's real domain, a colorful room with toys all around, opens up. After Jason and the Merryman have a conversation, they both go into a toybox, which then leads to a ruined carnival, where Jason meets his parents. The next video shows how Jason's parents survived being infected by the Plague, and after that is a montage of Jason and his parents having fun in the Carnival. Then, Jason and his parents get in a huge fight, when Jason's parents get killed off. Jason becomes extremely depressed, and as he's tying a noose, the SMSC infiltrate the Toybox with smoke bombs, eventually throwing most of them at the Merryman, and rescuing Jason, but not before hearing a horrible, disturbing noise: the Merryman's laugh. End season. Also, his parents are actually hallucinations created by the Merryman to get him to be as happy as possible. He knew how painful it would be for Jason to lose them again.

Season 3 and 4: Jason gets rescued by the SMSC out of the Merrryman’s clutch, and is told everything he needs to know about the Fears. Then, they advertise a place where he can meet people who have survived the Plague. It turns out that what they were advertising was actually a camp on government grounds. There he meets people who he thinks of quite fondly, and they formulate a plan to break out of the camp and survive without being imprisoned. They eventually flee the camp, and into a closed off perimeter housing the Algernon Forest. Whoever enters the Algernon Forest regresses into previous states, physically or mentally. They eventually regress into what would only be considered socially acceptable for neanderthals, and turn on who they once knew as friends. Unknowingly, there is one who does not regress: a Camper. Jason becomes infected with DEVOUR, and tries to eat the Camper, absorbing EAT into its blood and becoming himself a Camper. It then shows inside his mind that he as lost at sea, and the sea is filled with EAT. When he drinks the water, it has no effect on him in his mind, but has tremendous effects on him in the real world, progressing farther and farther.

If anyone finds any of these ideas interesting, or wants to add their own ideas onto the series, feel free to message me at lilpotato1 on Skype! Thanks!

Posted by: TheSomnambulist May 11 2015, 11:11 PM
Oh... Oh... So that's who you are...

Posted by: Hunter Feb 22 2016, 07:49 PM
New year, new plot to a story I've been working on.

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