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 New Fear, the Frost, Fear of Judgement and maybe more
 Posted: Jul 14 2016, 06:13 PM


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This is an idea I had for a Fear which I'll use in my Verse:
The Frost is a tall, skeletal figure with the head of a deer and a long white mane. It lurks in the Frost Wastes, sending out Wendigos to attack those it deems unworthy of its grace. By punishing them, they will also be afflicted and become servants of the Frost. The Frost sees this as a holy cycle. Wendigos look nearly identical to the Frost, with the only physical different being that the Frost appears to be made of ice.
As stated in the description, the Frost is a Fear of Judgement. The "maybe more" bit was dropped when I decided to limit its reach to Judgement.
He should also have a better name.

The cold awakens.
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