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Birthday: 6 October 1990
Location: Ontario, Canada
Interests: Hello (gender you identify as), and good morning/afternoon/evening/night (choose appropriate)!

You may call me Red*. I have many interests.

Most of them include games, slash shipping, and anything with horror elements.

I also have an active interest in people. Not in the vivisection sense – in the sense of, I like to listen, and help if I can.

*Most forum members may also refer to me as ‘Mom’ or variations thereof.
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Incomplete/ongoing projects:
All There Is To Life - the mundane musings of a housewife (collab with GraciousVictory).
Darker Side of Sympathy; it's almost like understanding.
The World is Crazy... We're not the crazy ones (multiple author collab).

Completed projects:
City of Sinopia - join the Scarlet-Marked.
No Cowards - stand and be brave.
Over the River, and through the woods.
Residency; mind over matter.
This Could Be Heaven or this could be hell.
Within the Game Master's Universe: Blair H, Alice Baxendale, and Marcus Finn.

Other Mythos-related projects (non-blogs):
Be Careful. You only get three.
Virtually Reality. Would you like to quit the game?
Virtually Reality 2: New Game Plus. Would you like to continue the game? (Collab with GraciousVictory.)
Creepypasta: 'The Cage', "The Suicide Note of an Anonymous Mother', and 'The Shrouded One'.
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