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 Open Source Characters
 Posted: Dec 1 2013, 06:12 PM

A mystery wrapped in an enigma sealed with a kiss

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Alright, I'm making the Red Garden club and all its workers (save for Orchid) open-source. However, I'm gonna be a little picky about how it's used, just to avoid any potential problems, so contact me if you wanna use it.

Also, more information about the club and its workers can be found in the latest Mary Mary post -->here.

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 Posted: Dec 2 2013, 06:39 AM

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I should probably specify in case I didn't already.

Now that Unlikely World is finished The Ne Timu are open source however I ask that you do read Unlikely world and/or the wiki page before using them.

You may play around with them as per the no-canon thing but I ask that you stay as close to their basic interpretation as possible.

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 Posted: Dec 10 2013, 02:04 AM

The Wiki-Keeper

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The Godless World is open source.

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 Posted: Dec 13 2013, 12:03 AM

The Ace
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Okay, until phase 2 of the Daniel-Verse kicks off, all of my Daniel-Verse characters who haven't been killed off are open source, as long as you talk to me first.

The Daniel-Verse;
Daniel & Friends, A New Fear Will Soon Be Born, The Butterfly Proxy, My Soul Is On Fire, Studying Egypt/ The Darkness Has Empowered Me
And the one shot blog Fear The Biker

Also part of the Daniel-Verse is the Game Master's Tournament (other authors involved) and the Tale Weaver's Challenges (other authors involved, managed by ZacksQuest)

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 Posted: Dec 14 2013, 05:51 AM

23rd Doctor

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my rp setting Dreadful Encounter is open source

 Posted: Dec 24 2013, 05:49 AM

The Wiki-Keeper

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I still need to make the post that introduces this character, but what the hell, I'm making him and his place of business open source:

Karma is the alias given to a ruthless crime boss and the owner of The Multiworld Resort.

In addition to his "normal crime operations", he occasionally does business with the Fears. In exchange for a limited amount of protection from them, he provides their servants with information, supplies, and safe houses. Despite this, he also helps various organizations dedicated to fighting the Fears behind their backs.

Very little is known about his early life and the few details he has given others usually contradict one another, especially concerning how he became aware of the Fears. The only thing that remains constant throughout his various back stories is the reason behind his success: a deal between him and Jack of All.

During his time as a body guard for various mob bosses he came under the employment of Jack, who disguised himself as a wealthy drug lord. Karma became a servant of sorts to him, killing servants of the Fears whom he believed were ordinary rival gangs. Eventually Jack revealed what he really was and they made a deal, that resulted in Karma becoming immortal and slowly becoming the powerful crime boss he is today.

Yet despite the tendency to have deals with Jack end in disaster, Karma has remained wealthy and powerful for years. When asked what the reason behind this is he stated that it was because of "being an excellent business man and being extremely lucky." In order to protect himself from rival business men he created his nicknamed, as a nod to his lack of punishment from his profession.

He also owns The Multiworld Resort, a domain that was previously unclaimed before it was converted into an interdimensional casino, hotel, and restaurant.

As the name implies, it is a resort open to various species throughout the multiverse and it exists in nearly every known version of Earth. In order to prevent suspicion from normal people, the resort is always placed in desolate areas and is hidden using a Perception Filter. Furthermore, humans can only become aware of the resort through a third party that was already aware of it or being brought to it by one of it's employees.

While the building itself is located on Earth, it's interior exists outside of our universe and it is believed to be a pocket dimension connected to the human world through Dimensional Bleeding. It is not known how Karma was capable of obtaining it, but it has been speculated that it was given to him as a part of a deal with the Fears.

Higher ranking servants of the Fears regularly go there for entertainment and as a meeting place for business.

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 Posted: Feb 7 2014, 02:53 AM

Has a really nice vest.

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I feel like making JOKER Open source. Not Jackson Crowe, mind you, as he's just merely the JOKER in my universe.

Know what, when I actually explain what a "JOKER" is, I'll make him/it open source.

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 Posted: Feb 14 2014, 06:46 PM

White Knight Wearing Red
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Alexander of Darker Side joins the ranks of open-source characters. I'll go back and add him to the main list of Darker Side characters that can be used.

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 Posted: Mar 4 2014, 03:11 PM

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All of the newly-ported in Afflicted from the failed Willow Mythos/We, The Afflicted are, to my knowledge, open-source unless the creator states otherwise.

In addition to the Weeping Willow being open source, my other two whole-cloth monsters, the Handed One and the Fleshangel, are both open source.

The Handed One is an eyeless, centipede-inspired creature with scraggly dark hair, a giant toothy maw, and hundreds of pairs of arms with hands for legs. It eats people, and every person it eats gains it a new pair of arms.

The Fleshangel is a bloody, torn-open still-somehow-living human torso and head with its chest flayed open and the ribcage and skin portion bent behind it to resemble wings. It has had its eyes gouged out as well and its internal organs are clearly visible. It constantly bleeds from its wounds, its arms are elongated, and its fingers are razor sharp. It sings an odd hymn-like tune to itself as it seemingly hovers about, and if you listen to it too much this song will actually entrance you, making it even more difficult for you to avoid it. It tears people apart in brutal ways, (hopefully?) killing them.

The Dogskull is... technically open source, but it was inspired a Creepypasta that isn't mine and I highly suggest altering it to make it less like the actual pasta. It actually looks more like a skeleton hellhound with a little bit of decaying, charred flesh and rags on its bones, it walks on four legs, and constantly has fire burning in its eyes and chest.

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 Posted: Mar 14 2014, 09:08 AM

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Due to my closing off the Cloudverse some changes:

The Shining one: A dying man shard, no longer open source. (Also no longer a Dying man shard but that irrelevant.)

My other three shards remain open source. (The Moonlight, The Instant and the Animal)
So does Socky, he's always been open source so I won't change that. (Same for any other Afflicted I created, still open source.)

I also recall giving permission for Discordia being used. She'll be open source too.

I don't think I have any other open source stuff lying around so thats it. -flies away.-

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